Saturday, March 5, 2016

Not Even Close To A Record

On the drive home from New Melones on Thursday I was commenting that I can't believe that I've been skunked five times (February 7th through March 3rd) in a row. I didn't think I'd ever been skunked that many times in a row. Apparently as an aging Geezer, my memory is not as good as it used to be.

Image result for skunk images

I went back to my journal and checked and to my disbelief, Not once, but twice I've been skunked five or more times in a row. January 16th through February 4th 2013 I got skunked five times in a row. Note the time span similarity.

But the really BIG dry spell came from January 15th through April 10th 2009. Skunked eleven times in a row. I might also note that it was at nine different lakes too.

Of course that year I only caught 246 trout so I guess this current slump isn't so bad after all. On a side note, that was also the year they stocked Caples Lake several times a week for the entire summer and an eleven to twenty-five fish day was not unusual.

OK, I'm better now. 


  1. Mark
    I have a feeling things are going to pick up with spring right around the corner.

  2. I think I can beat your record Mark.

  3. ouch, we all have bad runs though... natural part of the sport.

  4. I'm sure I can either match or beat your run.