Friday, March 11, 2016

Scored, But Not A Fish

On the spur of the moment I headed out to Lake Camanche North Shore to try my luck once again. I thought about Bill Trussell's suggestion of using meal worms and I had my rod with the slip bobber rig, but the local pet shop didn't open until way past when I went by (must have bankers hours) so I shelved that for another day.

I stopped over at the usual area by the house boats, but there were some guys driving a tractor around and with the water level higher than last time, our usual fishing spot was GONE, yeh.

So, back over to the North Shore Day Use area where we've fished many time (you'll recognize the white pipe in the photo's below) and out with one rod and rainbow Power Bait, the other with Kastmasters.

After I gave up on the Kastmasters and went back to PB
I might note, at this time, that the wind was blowing straight across the lake and right into my face at about 15 mph. Half ounce sinkers were needed on both PB rods.

Where we've fished since, forever.
Across the lake toward South Shore ramp.

Note the white pipe
After an hour of wind in my face and waves splashing on my sneakers, I had an epiphany. Why not go to the other side of the lake and the wind will be at my back? What a concept. OK, thoughts like that are hard when you're a Geezer.

Did I mention they hadn't planted North Shore since February 19th, almost a month?

Instead of going to the South Shore Ramp I went to the Pond. They did plant the Pond on February 4th just a short week before. A better outlook than North Shore.

Combat fishing area of the Trout Pond
The wind was MUCH calmer at the pond and I set up at a spot I hadn't fished before just to try something new.
Opposite end of the Pond
One rod out with PB and the other with Kastmasters.

See, nice and calm.
I did see a couple of fish taken over at the Combat Fishing area, but didn't wander over to see on what. Fished on for a while and then a couple Pelicans came cruising by right where my rod was. I thought I'd sling a Kastmaster at it and try to scare it off.

Well, my aim was a little off and I hit it dead center. It took off like a bat out of Hell, but my lure was still attached to it's feathers. Honest, I wasn't trying to hit it, it just happened. It was an accident.  Really.

I do have to say it was the most exciting "run" I've had in many a month. Drag was screaming, line was pealing off the reel, heart was pumping, not because I hooked a pelican, but I felt bad that I had. I finally broke the line. It was all I could do.

A little later I went the other side of the pond and fished off the dock with a Kastmaster to see if I could rustle up something over there. Guess who was there? A white pelican with a pink Kastmaster hanging off one of it's feathers. Ah, it'll be OK when that feather falls off.

No fish, skunk number six. Maybe next time.


  1. I've never caught a pelican before, plenty of gulls, geese, and a few terns though.

  2. Mark, that's the best story I'd heard out you for quite a while! Sorry for the pelican, but he'll get over it. Hang in there buddy.

  3. Mark
    Got to be the first time I've heard of hooking a Pelican while fishing----does keep the fishing interesting. Looks like the lakes are filling up out there, hopefully it will kick the bite on.

  4. Next time you hook a bird someone better be taking video. I'd pay to watch that.