Friday, March 25, 2016

Yuki And I Figured Out The Problem

We hit the road at 9:00 this morning with the Middle Bar Bridge in the cross hairs. As a refresher, Middle Bar Bridge is an arm of Lake Pardee and part of the Mokelumne River basin. You can fish off the bridge, but can't touch the ground around it so if you catch a fish, a pier net is a must.

It's a short 5 mile drive from the house so we were there in a flash after a coffee and donut stop, set up in the middle of the bridge which has been good in the past, and since the water level was up, the prospects were good.  

Middle of the bridge

One way

The other way

Downstream toward Lake Pardee
 After an hour or so without a bite, I noticed this.

X marks the spot?
Moved over to this spot. There must be some omen here with the bright orange X and it was the only one on the bridge. Was it telling me something?
Fished another hour with out a bite and said "screw it" let's go to the Trout Pond. Apparently not an omen.

Got through check-in with a "stocked today". Forgot this was a holiday weekend, this being Good Friday and all. Can you say "Combat Fishing"?

I think the entire population of Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto was there. The only good thing was one of the best fishing places (a dock) was empty just waiting for us. So I set up one rod with rainbow Power Bait and Yuki set one up with a meal worm. On the other rods we started throwing lure after lure after lure with no success while people around us caught fish after fish.

I finally went to one of the guys I saw pull a couple in and asked him what he was using. It was a gray colored Crappie jig. Of course, all my Crappie jigs were at home in the garage. I did have a gray colored Power Worm and a jig head, but they wouldn't touch it.

So, back to the title "Yuki And I Figured Out The Problem". Since I haven't caught a fish since January 28th, I must be cursed. I blame my lack of concentration on the contractor that destroyed the kitchen. That has to be the answer.

Skunk #7

Maybe next time I should take my Crappie jigs.    


  1. Mark, try a nightcrawler, seriously. If you can't catch a trout with a nightcrawler I don't know what to tell you.

  2. Just don't give up. Like they say about basketball, every shot you don't take is a miss.

  3. Mark
    So much for the meal worm theory, what about a stick of dynamite???? ---------------I like your attitude NEVER GIVE UP--the mark of a great fisherman!!!

  4. Mark
    Impressed with the new background!!!

  5. Dynamite next time?
    Whatever it takes.

  6. You'll get 'em Mark. What about the kastmaster spoon? No luck with that, either?