Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hell, It Was A Nice Drive

I've been wanting to take a drive up to Ice House Reservoir for a while. I like to fish this lake at ice out and since we've had a decent Winter I thought this was just about the right time.

I texted (see, I'm in the 21st century) Yuki and said I was going if he wanted to tag along.

We left the house a 8:10 and after two hours of driving arrived at Ice House Reservoir. 

Appears  we're a little late for ice out.

In fact, there wasn't any snow except for a dab here and a dab there.

Nope, no snow here either.

None over there.
So we parked at the dam and put out our rods. I put out two with PB and Yuki put out one with a crawler and one with PB.

Me taking a picture of Yuki taking a picture of the mountains.
Once again note that these first 4 pictures were taken with my smart phone and I'm now in the 21st century. My wife says the other phone was smart, it was the operator that was the problem.
Then Yuki captured Moi doing what I do best. Sitting and waiting for the fish to bite. In between we threw Kastmasters and Thomas Bouyant lake lures.

Then we decided to go home. Once again the trout thumbed their collective noses at us.  

Hey look, snow.

Just a picture of the dam. 
We've decided to take up Bass fishing. I'll probably have to rename this blog. Let's see.

Kiss my - Already taken.
Kiss my - Belongs to my next door neighbor. His last name is Bass.
Kiss my - Already taken.

Then while I'm out on the Net looking at names, up pops Howard from Windknots with a Kiss My Bass Edition.  Crap or maybe Crappie.

Hey, Kiss My Crappie isn't taken. 

I'm going to go feed the cats now.


  1. Mark
    I've done the bass thing, and found that the trout fishing is much more exciting. Don't give up on that lake I have a feeling you guys will connect on your next outing.
    By the way I found some wax worms that looks exactly like cream wasp grubs. I got them at the local pet shop, you might want to give them a try on your next outing. I've got them stored in the ref, and may try some on the tailrace next week. Beautiful area where you guys were fishing.

  2. Mark, don't keep them in the frig. I've got it on good authority that they taste like crap when you're looking for a quick snack! Those smart phone pictures are great. Such a pretty lake.

  3. Looking forward to featuring "Kiss My Crappie" in my blogroll... :)

  4. Howard
    You must have Mark confused with Andrew Zimmer of Bizarre Foods????

  5. Resorting to warm water fish, say it ain't so! You know that bass are the gateway to rough fish.