Saturday, April 9, 2016

OK, Pay Attention

Some of the things I write about are done so for humors sake. Let me give you an example. The post dated March 25th with the part about the orange X on the bridge. An omen right? I just threw that in because some idiot defaced a bridge that is part of the history of the area I live in. Not an omen and I'm not cursed although with the problems we've had since moving into this house one might think so. More humor, OK.

Let me give you another example, changing the name of this blog to Kiss My All humor. This is Northern California Trout and will always be Northern California Trout even if I accidentally catch a Crappie (which I have) or a Bass (Smallmouth on a Panther Martin) while I'm fishing for trout at some lake. 

So to calm your fears let me say this, Bill I like trout fishing the best. Howard, I can't put anything alive in the fridge. Mike, sorry Buddy no Kiss My Crappie. Pat, it'll only be because Yuki has succumbed to the dark side and is trying to take me with him. Humor.

Most of you have known me for a lot of years, so if you read something out of the ordinary I've probably thrown it in for humors sake.

I did go feed the cats.   


  1. Mark, I consider you one of my best buddies. That being said, I only believe about 1% of anything I read on the internet. Maybe 10% what I read on anyone's blog. But you can believe anything I say 100%. Excuse me while I go feed my rhinoceros.

  2. Disappointed. Northern California Crappie had a good ring to it. Howard told me so.

    1. How about Northern California Fishertainment?

  3. I like you just the way you are Mark, though Northern California Crappie does have a good ring to it ;-)

  4. Chang is good, "no it's not".....Northern California Trout

  5. Mark
    Trout through and through, its in your bloodline

  6. Kiss my crappie would have been a good name for a blog, but I like your Northern California Trout.