Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Mark update

I suppose that if I didn't post until I went fishing you'd probably go read some other blog like Howard's  or Mike's 

So, since I've been buried up to my wazoo with this remodel thing for the past six months I thought I'd, at least, show you the end result even though it is not quite finished, but finished enough to report.  

What it looked like when we moved in. 

 Here are the things to look at.
1. The walls are gray not beige.
2. The oven is now stainless steel not white.
3. The floor is tile not laminate.
4. The dish washer is stainless steel not white.
5. The range top is stainless steel not white.
6. The hole above the oven has the microwave oven.
7. The hood over the range was removed this morning and will be replaced with a stainless steel & glass one.
8. The counter is Corian not tile.
That is about it except the cabinets are due to be painted a light gray to match everything else, but that is a future project.

Now fishing. Yuki solved the non-catching at the Trout Pond. Seems even the two foot leaders we were using were not long enough to get the PB out of the weeds on the bottom. Last week he used a six foot leader and scored a few.

General Trout Season opened Yesterday, but I was unable to wander upcountry to try a little fly fishing due to several things that still needed to be done at La Casa Kautz.

BUT, I am going, probably, Tuesday. I would go tomorrow, but I need a day to recoup the Geezer body from all the time I spent on the ladder this weekend.

Stay tuned.


  1. The kitchen looks great. Now aren't you glad you didn't take up kitchen remodeling as a hobby?

  2. Mark
    Wow, what an upgrade, did you and your wife agree on all the upgrades and design----in my household, my wife is the in house designer. Awesome looking kitchen; glad you are getting back on the water, been missing your fishing reports,

    1. Hi Bill. Generally, it's a joint effort, generally.

  3. Real nice Mark.
    It's a tough thing a remodel but when they come out so nice it's worth the pain.