Friday, May 20, 2016

Here We Go Again

Six degrees of separation one more time.

You remember Yuki with Norman Maclean.

You remember Yuki with Mohammad Ali

Well, here's another. The guy on the right is an old, old friend I haven't seen in probably 35 years. Get this, he lives in the same town (Jackson, CA) that I do and I didn't even know. We've probably walked past each other in the store. On top of that, his wife works at the casino and she and my wife know each other. The connection that was missed was my wife doesn't have my last name and I've never talked to her about Joe. 

So, Joe and I are catching up on the phone this morning and he mentions that he knows Clint Eastwood.

There you have it, three degrees of separation.

Maybe I'll get to fishing next week. It's snowing in the high country again.

Wanted to ask all you guys and gals out there if you've ever heard of Top Cop 4 Vets? If not, go here and look at the website. It's a worthy cause. 


  1. You have friends who have friends in great places.

  2. And there you go...Mark's grab at 15 minutes of fame. Very cool.

  3. That's really cool!

    I love Alan's comment haha

  4. Woe is me, Mark! While you have friends in great places, as Garth Brooks would sing, "I have friends in Low Places".