Saturday, May 21, 2016

OMG This Is Pathetic

I was just updating my fishing log. I hadn't updated since the last trip to New Melones on 3/3/2016.

Date # Fish Where What From Where
1/7/16 2 Lake Camanche Rainbow Shore
1/8/16 2 Lake Camanche Rainbow Shore
1/28/16 1 Lake Camanche Rainbow Shore
2/7/16 0 Lake Camanche Shore
2/13/16 0 Trout Pond Float Tube Cumberland
2/17/16 0 North Shore and Trout Pond Shore
2/29/16 0 Lake Amador Shore
3/3/16 0 New Melones Shore
3/11/16 0 North Shore and Trout Pond Shore
3/25/16 0 Middle Bar Bridge Bridge
3/29/16 0 North Shore and Trout Pond Shore
4/7/16 0 Ice House Shore
4/23/16 0 South Shore and Trout Pond Shore
5/3/16 0 Bear River Reservoir Shore
5/14/16 1 Rainbow Pool  Rainbow Shore

Two things to notice here.

First, the skunk lasted (2/7/2016 to 5/3/2016) 11 trips which tied my worst year ever (2009).

Second, I've only caught 6 fish this year and it's almost half gone.

I think I'm going to be sick.


  1. You need to do a fish dance and hope for fish!

  2. Mark, your fish will come........
    It is just a matter of time......
    Us Geezers don't have anything left but time!

  3. That's pretty sad Mark. But don't blame yourself, we know you know how to catch fish. It must be global warming!

  4. How is Comanche fishing these days? Once you left there it was all downhill.

    1. We're just about at the end of trout fishing there. Water is getting too warm.

  5. Mark I'm so far behind in my journal entries it's not funny.

  6. Now your kitchen is all repaired, i.e. Your water problems are fixed.
    It is the time for you to start catching many fish.

  7. Good thing that I don't keep a log. My husband just might hide the car keys!

  8. Mark
    I guess that's what fishing so interesting, you're always trying to figure out why in the hell they where're baiting that day. I have a feeling things will improve.

  9. Yikes. What an unfortunate streak of skunks. I'm going to stay positive for you, though! You're due for a big day, Mark!