Monday, May 23, 2016

Skunkus Interuptus

I had two options this morning. Stay at home and pull weeds (all the painting is currently done) or take a drive out to the Trout Pond and see if there were any fish out there.

Yuki had prior plans, so I went it alone.

I got to the pond about 8:00 am. Girl at check-in said they hadn't planted since the 10th. That's almost two weeks. Not a good outlook.

Since there was not a soul to be found out there, I had my pick of places. I opted for the spot I fished the very first time I fished the pond. I was looking for some good mojo.

This is the original spot

No one to the right.

No one to the left.

No one even in the "combat" fishing spot.
I set up two rods with some old PB just to see if it had any oomph left.

I let it soak for an hour and then changed to some from a newly opened jar. Sometimes that is all it takes.  

While I was waiting for that first Trout Pond bite, I took a picture of the tree across the pond. If you make it big, you can see, just to the right of center a white crane roosting in the tree. Actually there were several roosting, but that is the only one you can see because the Turkey Vultures also roost in that tree. In fact, there was quite a bit of squabbling going on. Probably why the cranes were all hiding. I think it was a territorial thing. 

Roosting Cranes
At the end of the second hour without a bite, I pulled in one rod and started throwing Kastmasters in hopes of some action.

I started with pink, then silver/green, then silver/blue, then holographic followed up by pink again. Didn't interested anything that looked vaguely like a trout. Maybe that's why there wasn't anybody out there.

At the end of hour three, I called it a day. I figured I could sit there all day or head back home and do something constructive like pull weeds.

The girl at check-in said that they did stock the South Shore ramp last week, which was just down the street, but the last time I was there it took me three weeks to get all the mud out of my wheel wells and with the water in the lake rising, I didn't feel comfortable going down there.

Back to the title of this post and back to being skunked once again. And the skunk goes on........... 

Thursday Yuki and I are going to take a drive down to the American and dabble in a little Shad fishing if the water level in the river is adequate.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark
    The curse has to be over soon---have you ever tried the float tube on that pond.

  2. Pulling it's a no brainer.
    Your next outing will kill the pollcat.

  3. Even a skunking is better than pulling weeds, forget that. I'm very interested in this shad trip...

  4. Let's see...while you were out getting skunked, I was working. +1 for Mark.

  5. Yup, no choice like pulling weeds or going fishing......
    Every Geezer I know would do the same thing you did!

    Besides, if the trout won't hit Power Bait or Kastmaster's then they don't deserve to be caught in the first place!

  6. Better to be skunked fishing than by the animal!

  7. This week I'm stuck doing the honey-do list, so I'm glad to see you got out!