Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are You Ready???

This just in from MSN.

As summer visitors flock to Hawaii for sun, sand and surf, the militaries of more than two dozen nations will be in and around the islands for five weeks of war games. The Rim of the Pacific exercise, hosted every two years by the U.S. Pacific Fleet, claims to be the world's largest international maritime maneuvers.

When this happened in 2012 the Aliens invaded. Haven't you seen the movie Battleship ? By the way, Brooklyn Decker is in that movie, but I've told you that before.

Remember her?

So, here we go again. We defeated them the last time, we can do it again just like we did in Independence Day Resurgence.

Sorry, my brain has been fried and it's too hot to go fishing. It's been over 100 here at La Casa Kautz and looks like it's going to continue for the next couple days. It was 104 in Sacramento yesterday and supposed to be 106 today. And right on time, California is on fire.

I don't know if I'll get out this week, Yuki and I are supposed to float White Pines Lake on Friday, but they keep increasing the temperature. Started out at 91 (Sacramento) which is the low 80's in Arnold, but the keep increasing the temperature. It now stands at 98 (Sacramento) which would be low 90's in Arnold. Way too hot to be sitting out in the middle of the lake with the sun reflecting off the water. Don't need to be toasted.

If anything chances, I'll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. It's been hot here as well Mark. I think the only cure is a little Brooklyn and a cold beer.

  2. Don't you ever go fishing, Mark. I thought you and Yuki would be getting out.

    Oh, excuse me, I never got to the last couple of paragraphs...................

  3. Any way to work Brooklyn in is a job well done.