Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Was Ugly Last Week And This One Isn't Any Better

We got back last Sunday the 18th. Like I reported about the trashed tire, I was on edge all the way back home, even though we bought a spare.

I spent a portion of Monday removing the stuff we don't leave in the trailer permanently. The rest of last week was just too hot to do anything else.

One thing that came out of the blown tire is that the "Clipper" will not be with us much longer. I've been nervous and anticipating a blown tire incident since day one. With a single axle trailer you don't have much of a chance of maintaining control if a tire blows like this one did especially at 55 or 60.

My son, upon returning Sunday from a trip to Oregon the same weekend and following week we were up at Hendy Woods SP mentioned seeing a trailer and SUV in the ditch with blown tires. The "Clipper" will be replaced with a dual axle trailer, shortly.

Yesterday I put on two brand new tires from American Tire on the "Clipper". Funny thing, my friend and tire guy said he wouldn't sell the tires that were on the trailer. He said they were a bunch of junk.  At least we'll be safe until we can find another trailer.

Someone is fishing, it's just not me. Here's some shots Yuki sent from last weekends excursions.

I'll caption them as best as I can.

West Fork of the Carson River

Same creek

Marisa making us look bad

Marisa making us look worse.

French Meadows

Nice Brown
She's really is making us look bad. You notice there isn't any pictures with Yuki and fish. Just thought I'd point that out.

This week, blasting hot in California, as I suspect it is in a lot of the country. It's not supposed to get below 102 until next Saturday. Think I'll stay home an hug my air conditioner. The heat is becoming a killer on this old body.

At least there was something to report about trout fishing.


  1. Thankful, Mark, that you and your wife were safe after your blow out. Sounds like a good investment for a double axle if you are going to travel or camp much. Thanks for sharing Marissa with us. She is much better looking than Yuki or you, and, appears to be quite skilled with catching fish.......

  2. That young lady is to get an "A" for the way she handled that beautiful wild trout.

  3. Nice, Marisa should guide you two. By the way, I think I lost you in the shuffle.

  4. More Marisa on this blog please. Fishing with a smile. Need more of that.

    Good call on planning on ditching the single axle. Would scare me too at any age.