Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just A Quick Update

Been too damn hot to go fishing out here. Something like 8 days in a row over 100 degrees. Maybe one more to go.

What I really wanted to update, is the number of hits this blog has had since it's inception on January 7, 2009.

If it wasn't for all of you that continue to visit here, the mile stone of 400,000 hits would never have been achieved. Thank you, one and all for being faithful to this blog.

It's fast approaching another milestone in the number of posts, but I need to get off my butt and get out fishing so I have something to talk about. Hey, how about some cooler weather!

Just in case you didn't remember, Marisa (super fisher girl in the last post) is Yuki's daughter. I've sometimes referred to her as "snake girl" because she has this thing for, you got it, snakes. She's a Biologist by profession. Did I mention I hate snakes?

I'm going to try to get out next week, but after that, a trip up to Hope Valley, camping and maybe some Upper Blue Lake fishing or maybe Burnside Lake and definitely a little paddling around and fishing in the Inflate-a-yak. After we return I'm looking forward to several days of tests at the local hospital. I expand more on that once I find out what's going on.

Clipper update: It's days are numbered. We've narrowed the search to 5 trailers. I'll let you know which one we pick. 

Stay tuned.     


  1. Mark, I hear ya' buddy on that heat thing. We have had a little break the past couple of days, but, we had intense heat in the high 90's for several weeks in a row. Geezer fishing does not work at that point!

    Hope you get on the water soon and give us a fish update.... Hope your health tests are satisfactory and not limiting.

  2. Mark it's been hot here also, 95 for about a week plus.

    Those numbers add up on dashboard.

  3. Bring on Winter!! OK... Bring on Fall! The heat has kept me inside with the A/C too. I'm heading north though on Saturday. Cooler temps and back to my beloved trout. :)

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