Monday, August 22, 2016

A Food Post

So many times I've gone out to Alan's Blog Small Stream Reflections and seen these awesome dishes. Most are made with a myriad of meats and I end up slobbering all over the keyboard. 

One day, not so long ago, my wife was cruising through one of her 100's of cook books and she came up with this:

I give you the Mesquite Smoked Meat Loaf.

Still in the pan it was cooked in.
Covered with bacon for flavor.
The only drawback I can see, and you might not think it a drawback, is the house smelled like smoked mesquite all day. In fact you can still smell it today. 

But man, was it GOOD. Lunch today was a meatloaf sandwich. Dinner tonight might be meatloaf. Probably have a meatloaf sandwich tomorrow for lunch too. 

Alan, I hope this has you slobbering all over your keyboard.


  1. Oh man...that looks delicious!

  2. Hey Mark, I love meat versatile. The sandwich the next day is the best part of it.

    And yes I drooled..

  3. I drooled too, Mark, and that has nothing to do with being an Ol' Geezer. Heck, I could smell this post before I ever read it!

    I love Meatloaf. Meatloaf sandwiches anytime for me, too!

  4. Meals that make leftovers are awesome. So is bacon!

  5. Meatloaf is one of my favorites. I'd love to try mesquite smoked!

  6. The bacon on top is an amazing addition to the dish.