Tuesday, August 16, 2016

OK, Here It Is

Coachman Freedom Express.

Door in the back
2 Propane bottles and 2 batteries
The back
Big dining table with under storage
The small slide out is part of the kitchen.
Side slide out
Other side
Other slide out. Note windows
Other side
 The big slide out is part of the dining table area.

Outside shower
Electric jack
Big Fridge and freezer. Good enough for ice cream. One has to have their priorities straight.
Shower. Almost bigger than the one in our master bath.
TV, Stereo, CD, DVD, & Blueray
Double sink.
Stove and oven. Scones for the first trip.
Microwave. Ignore the price tag.
Under sink storage.
Cabinets behind the bed. Same on both sides.
Bed is behind the TV. Full sized Queen for us long legged folks.
The model number is 233RKS. In most trailers, the number 233 would indicate a 23 foot trailer. The Clipper was 17FQ (17 ft), but this trailer is only 21'6". Not a whole lot bigger, but wider (8ft) and taller plus the two slide outs make for a LOT of room.

Next trip: end of September.


  1. Whoa... impressive! I want one too!!!

  2. I'd give up my house in a New York minute!

  3. Beautiful Mark. I could live in there for the rest of my life.
    Good camping.

  4. Very impressive, Mark! I dig it!!!!

  5. Sweet! Room like that is a luxury in any RV, and look like you have it in spades. Enjoy!

  6. Mark, that looks nice enough to make a road trip to Tennessee. Let me know when you get here...