Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Mark Hex

Exit the Yuki hex, enter the Mark hex.

Yuki met me at the house at 8:00 and after a stop at Cook's station for coffee and a 15 minute road construction delay, we arrived at Upper Blue Lake somewhere around 10:30.

I set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait, Yuki set up two rods with orange/garlic Power Eggs.

Since I forgot my camera, I walked up to the truck and got my cell phone.

That's where I sat
Sometime around Noon the wind picked up and the smoke in the two pictures below started to flow over the mountain and stink up the area. I think the smoke came from the fire out by Mountain Ranch close to where the Butte Fire burned up everything last Fall.

More smoke
OK, wondering about the Mark hex thing? The photo below is Yuki putting one of several on his stringer. He took first blood, then second blood, then third blood.

I think this was #3
Here he is with another one on.
Getting the idea? Oh, I caught one, ONE (on rainbow Power Bait) while Yuki caught 9. I did miss one that I got almost to shore before it spit the hook. It looked, by the color, that it might have been a Brown. I'll never know.

Even me using the same orange/garlic Power Eggs as Yuki (right out of the same jar), nothing.

Seems like the hex has moved in my direction.

Not skunked, just hexed.


  1. Seems like you've been down this road before Mark. Any idea what the fish count is for the summer?

    1. 25 for the entire year. That includes a dozen little Bluegills. Pretty pathetic, huh.

    2. It's been a strange year all around.

  2. I never worry about the count, guys, just the quality of my time and those who share the experience with me. My fishing ego couldn't handle any different terms...

    How close are you to some of the more dangerous fires this year?

    1. None anywhere near us. The Willow fire was closest, but still out beyond San Andreas (about 20 miles) and only 450 acres. We're good.