Thursday, September 8, 2016

Boy Am I Bored

Having completed my chores (and I had many) today, here is sit playing Solitaire on the computer. Don't know if you play Solitaire, but I have, on my computer something called Pretty Good Solitaire. There must be 400 different Solitaire games. I've been stuck on this game called Adelaide for a while now. I reset the counter and I'm currently at 148 wins and no losses. I've got this game nailed.

So I thought I'd look back at a progression of fish that has moved my personal best from small to large.

I'll start with this bruiser. Everybody has to start somewhere.

From Cat Creek.
Now into the ones you can weigh on the Handy Dandy Berkeley Digital Scale.

I'm not boasting, just listing what a trout of that size would look like.

2 pounds

4 pounds
4 pounds 8 ounces
4 pounds 15 ounces
5 pounds 2 ounces
7 pounds even
7 pounds 10 ounces
9+ pounds
The last one is obviously my personal best and I suspect it will be hard to beat. It was also caught on my 6wt with a pink/black Woolly Bugger.

With the exception of the last one and the bruiser in the first picture, they all came from Lake Amador when they had the hatchery up and running. 

Now that I'm done blowing my own horn, I'm going back to playing Solitaire.

Maybe I'll get to fish again next week.


  1. Awesome that your PB was on the fly! I spent a lot of time fishing conventional gear for bass and never broke the 8lb mark until I started fly fishing for them, funny how thing work isn't it?

    1. I think it was just the right place and the right time.

  2. Mark I think that little wild brown is a trophy.
    Love trout like that.

  3. I knew that at one time you used to catch fish! There are some real beauties there Mark. PB or not.