Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just Not That Good Of A Day

Since I picked Upper Blue Lake the last time Yuki and I fished, I let him pick the place today. They were stocking Upper and Lower Blue Lakes, Caples Lake, and Silver Lake.

Yuki got to the house at 8:00 and on the way uphill to Cooks for coffee, Yuki decided Silver Lake was the place to fish today.

We were undecided whether to fish the dam area that he usually does well at or the Day Use area that we've done so well at in the past. Once again Yuki's decision was the dam.

He fished over by the pylons and I fished, well on the near side of the rocks in the picture below.  

Yuki's spot
I got two rods in the water, one with rainbow Power Bait and the other with a half a crawler and a couple white floaty things to keep it off the bottom. I don't do well with the "blow up the worm" thing. The worm always seems to be lunch for a crawdad instead of a trout.

Almost immediately I took first blood on the Power Bait.

First fish
Then the dissing started. "It will probably be your only fish of the day". Remember, last time I only caught one. "You might as well quit now because that's all you'll be catching today". It continued until I threatened him with walking home.

Then this guy showed up.

Department of Fish and Wildlife
While I had a spare minute, I took some shots (even though you've seen Silver Lake before) to capture the lake and the beautiful day we had.
To the left toward the dam
Then the catching started. The next one I caught was big enough (about 10") to put on the stringer. Yuki was going to smoke them so we decided to keep anything of any size.

Most of what came next were those little bitty stockers. Most were about 8 inches, maybe 9 inches if you stretched them out. We kept catching and throwing back fish after fish.

About 1ish we both had 3 on the stringer so we decided that we'd grab two more each and call it a day. I have to admit I was getting tired of pulling in all those small fish. One could barely get the second line in the water when the first one started that "fish on" bouncing.

I put one small one the stringer and then put my line out one more time.

Since I only had one rod out, I decided to just hold the rod and await the bite, and bite it did. It hit so fast, all I can relate it to is a freight train going by. I'm sure you've experienced one like that.

Turned out to be about a pound and certainly not one from the stock truck. It also turned out to be the biggest fish of the day.

Biggest fish of the day
Yuki went home with 10 for the smoker. 

Total for the day, 27. Yuki caught 14 and I caught 13 although, with Yuki keeping count I think I caught more, maybe 25 or so. Just kidding.

Just not a good day?  Who am I kidding, it was an awesome day.

I might be able to get out once more before heading out for our maiden voyage in the Freedom Express. Target - Upper Lake with that cool camping spot RIGHT ON THE LAKE.

Stay tuned...............


  1. Well done Mark. I'd settle for half as many fish.

  2. I'm with Howard.
    That photo of the trout in the water is very likeable.