Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chicago Cubs To The World Series

 What does this have to do with fishing, you ask? Absolutely nothing, but yours truly has a history, short that it is, with the Cubs.

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When I was very young, say 7 or 8 we used to go to Chicago to the military doctor or dentist. My Dad was retired from the Coast Guard and we had those privileges. We always went some place special afterward like the amusement park and on one occasion to the baseball game.

My first major league baseball game that I went to was at Wrigley Field in Chicago to watch the Cubs play. I don't remember a lot about the game, but I do remember getting one of those little bats they sell.

Well tonight the Cubs shut out the Dodgers in game 6 of the NLDS to win the National League Championship for the first time since 1945. This is another of those history things. As most of you know, 1945 was the year BEFORE I was born. Ladies and gentlemen, that was 71 years ago.

They have not won a World Series since 1908. I think it's time.  

Now that I live in California (you all know that too) and the Giants were removed from the playoffs, I have to root for the Cubs.

Game 1 of the World Series is Tuesday. Go Cubs.


  1. I was born in Chicago and raised in Denver. The Rockies aren't ever going to get to the series again in my lifetime...Go Cubs!

  2. I'm an American League guy, but if the Cubs won the series I'd be happy.

  3. An exciting time to be a Cubs fan, Mark! Game 1 was not pretty, but there's a lot of baseball left to be played.