Friday, October 14, 2016

Secret Lake, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

First, let me address something that came to my attention this morning while my son and I were having breakfast at the local Perko's. My grandson (age 16) is going to the High School Homecoming Dance tomorrow. He has a date who he has been going around with, holding hands with, and has invited to the dance. Asked if she was his "girl friend", he said, no at least not yet.

The story goes, although invited to the dance (this is how the social scene is locally and my be further afield, who knows.) she doesn't become the "girl friend" until they enter the dance. Apparently she can bail right up to the door and remain unattached. I'm confused, how about you?

Now let me address the title of this post. Last month while at Upper Lake (see the previous post) I was chatting with our "neighbors" who happened to be the same "neighbors" we had when we were up there two years ago. How's that for coincidence? Talking as fishermen do, we touched on places we've been. During this conversation he mentions this place (been there) and that place (been there too) and this one place where there are a lot of Brown trout. Want to guess where? Secret Lake, my ass.

I texted (I'm in the 21st century now) Yuki and said I was thinking about going up to Ice House Lake or Loon Lake and asked if he wanted to go. He was available on Thursday (that would be yesterday) so we planned the trip. Tuesday I sent another text (I'm so 21st century) and said "Why don't I get some crickets and let's go to the secret lake instead". He was all for it and we met at La Casa Kautz at 8:30 (we usually meet at 8, but the days are getting shorter and he still has to attend to the menagerie before fishing) and after a quick stop at the local donut shop, were on our way up the hill.

Once around the back side of the lake by the inlet, Yuki set out one rod with a couple Power Eggs and started throwing a fly with his fly rod. I, on the other hand, put a size 14 hook and a couple small split shot on my spinning rod and worked the inlet one cricket at a time.

Wasn't long before I was yelling at Yuki for the net.

I think this was #1
From the inlet out toward the lake.
The other side of the inlet.
 Then they just kept coming, one right after the other.

Could have been #2. Always with wet hands.
#3? About 17"
In between there was one that I hooked, it jumped, and spit the hook. It looked like it was about 24", but from a distance they all do. Probably only 10" or so.
 Like I said, they kept coming.

#5 ?
#6 ?

At this point, I just quit taking pictures. There was one more (#8).

All were photographed and gently released making sure they swam away in good health.

Yuki got skunked, but he said he enjoyed himself. On the way home, we stopped at Munnerlyn's for a cone, but caught one day they were closed. Maybe next time.

While we were there, three more guys showed up and fished the other side of the lake. Secret Lake, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Till next time.


  1. Well I don't know about the girlfriend thing. I'm too far (luckily) removed from all that. As far as the secret lake looks like you hit the jackpot! Of course, truth be told, there are really very few real secret lakes except Lake X. We can't talk about that.

  2. "The Secret Lake" seems to give up some gorgeous brownies. I wish I had a trout lake like within an hours driver from my house... secret or not!

  3. Mark that's one of your best outings. Beautiful browns.

  4. Wow, great trip...Some fine looking fish!

  5. how long was the hike in to get here? I assume you started at Twin Lakes Trailhead? Thank you!