Thursday, November 3, 2016

Big River, Big Fish

By the way, the Cubs won the World Series yesterday just in case you've been in a cave somewhere. I'm surprised that Justin (Carf Outdoors) hasn't been all over this being the Cubs fan he is.

Yuki and I were going to hit the Mokelumne River Monday, but he brought up the fact that it rained like crazy over the weekend and would probably be blown out. Good point.

We decided on today instead. He suggested we fish up by the Power House. Made sense to me. After all, as a fish, where are you going to go with a 200' dam in front of you?

We parked and walked down to the river. This is the river locals call fishing Electra Road. "Let's go fish Electra Road". You get it.

I started with a Thin Mint. 

Started here.
 That's Yuki way down at the other end.
This is down stream from the shot above.
A little further upstream
Kept going, nothing here either.
Oooh, this looks good.
 Nothing on the Thin Mint so I switched to something fish lunchy looking.

Sorry for the blur.
I got this fly along with 3 others from, and I apologize for not being able to remember who, someone many years ago I believe from Oregon. 

It's my opinion that for every fly there is a time and place. Today was the time and place for this fly.

The next bunch of pictures are yours truly with "fish on".

Working him

Almost there

Not quite yet
 Didn't want to horse him in.

Come to papa.

Yeh, that got him.

Looks like a big one

Keep him wet.

About 20" or 21"
Catch, net, photo, and back for another day. 

I want to thank my personal cameraman for all the nice photos. Everybody has one, don't they?

Not too bad for the only fish of the day. That is the only fish for me today. Yuki , on the other hand got one just about the same size. Unfortunately Yuki needed three hands (one to hold the rod, one to hold the net, and one to take a picture), but he only has two and before he could get a picture, his went back in for another day. 

So, what do you do after a couple catches like that? You keep fishing of course. You just know there is another one out there with your name on it.................

But as I noted before, that's, that's, that's all folks.

Trout season is rapidly coming to an end (November 15th) so we're going to try upcountry once more before then.

Stay tuned.


  1. looks like the water was down . tried it last week with the flows about 600CFS and a little brown .
    you did better than most.

  2. Nice, glad you both got into a solid fish.
    I'd take that fly too.

    Give CARF a day to recover. I bet most Cubs fans need that...

  3. Mark beautiful rainbow.
    That gill plate in the net photo is tops.
    Well done guys.

  4. Great looking fish my friend. And how about those Cubbies?

  5. Hi, Mark!! So happy to see you getting out on the water still. That is a very nice fish. Since I no longer wade fish much, if any at all, rivers like you talk of are ones in my memory bank.

  6. Nice rainbow! That fly looks like a pattern I've used for sea run brown trout.

  7. I'm still recovering, Mark! What an amazing game!!! I was down in Wrigleyville for the W, and what an amazing experience it was celebrating down there.

    Great outing, Mark! Those fish are gorgeous and so is the scenery on that river!