Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One Apiece Is Enough

I planned on a little sit and let the fish come to me out at Lake Camanche this morning. Yuki wasn't sure he could make it, so I headed out of the house at 8:15. By 9:00 I is was parked and had two lines in the water with rainbow Power Bait.

Yuki did make it around 10:00 and since where I was fishing was rather shallow, moved to the same spot as the last two trips out.

I won't go into a lot of detail so the first hit was on a Firetiger Kastmaster, but must have been barely hooked as the fish was there and then gone.

Yuki took first blood with a 17" Mt. Lassen Rainbow on a three orange Power Egg set up.

Sometime later in the day I hooked up, again on the Firetiger Kastmaster, a nice 17" (no it wasn't the same one Yuki caught because his was on the stringer) Mt. Lassen Rainbow. 

 Both fish gave a good fight and here they are. Yuki took both for smoking.

One apiece.
One apiece, but when they are this big, one is enough.

By the way, pink, green/silver, blue/silver, and German Brown Kastmasters didn't do a thing. Goes back to "Give them what they want that day".


  1. Good work, guys. I will agree with you, Mark, it's definitely not about how many you catch.....
    Both of those are excellent looking trout at this time of year.

  2. Forgot to ask, those Mt. Lassen Rainbows grow rather rapidly, don't they?

    1. I don't have the answer for that, Mel. I don't think they are triploid, but I just don't know. They do stock 1 to 3 pounders and these seemed like about a pound and a half.

  3. Nice catch....
    It seems that Yuki loves smoked trout.

  4. just found your blog... ages since I visited your last blog good to see your still around

  5. Mark
    Quality rainbow for sure, got to be loads of fun on light tackle. Thanks for sharing---finally back with you guys

  6. Hey Mark, every once in a while you guys make it looks like 17" fish are normal. Good going and Happy Thanksgiving!