Friday, November 18, 2016


I had two options today. One, I could stay home and continue with the gutter project. Probably should explain that a little. When we moved into the house a year ago last April, we had gutters over the front porch and the back porch. That was it.

I started putting up gutters a couple months ago, but I had to replace the fascia board as well. When it was originally painted, it was not primed so all the paint was cracked and because of that, it was all warped too so I had to replace all of it first. I've replaced fascia and put up gutters on half of the front of the house, all along the left side and now I'm working on half of the back. This stuff takes time. So, I'm at the point that I've hung the gutter, pop riveted all the seams, but still have to seal the seams and put in the downspout.

Or I could go fishing. Here was my plan for today. Lake Camanche hinted that they might plant 3000# soon. I took a drive out in the off chance that they MIGHT have planted, but had not put anything on their Facebook (OK, I was there again.) site. If they hadn't planted I could just turn around and head home to do GUTTERS.

But they did plant, yesterday. 1000# at each of the North and South ramps and 1000# in the pond. Which brings me to the title of this post. SLDD. Same Lake, Different Day. It was so much the same as Monday that I just used Monday's pictures.


During the time I fished, I was parked behind where the last photo was taken. I did walk over to this area and threw a pink Kastmaster. What surprised me was that I got a real good interest, even though the trout didn't take the lure, by one that if it was an inch, it was 20 inches. Got my blood flowing.

But even though they planted yesterday, that was the only fish I saw today. It was not like I didn't try. Here's a list of what I threw at them:

  • rainbow Power Bait (of course)
  • rainbow Power Bait with Pro-Cure garlic scent. 
  • Mini-crawlers with and without the white floaty things. 
  • Yellow Salmon Eggs with the white floaty things to keep it off the bottom. 
  • Pink Kastmaster
  • Green/silver Kastmaster. 

It's not like I did offer a smorgasbord of things to eat, I just didn't find any fish. Now I did get a "bite", I think. It was one of those rod tip bobbing actions that come with a bite or with a fish swimming by and accidentally hitting the line. In any event, there was nothing there and the Power Bait was gone. It was on the rod with the Power Bait/garlic on it.

I hung out for three hours and then headed back into town to take care of a couple errands. Saturday (90% chance of rain) and Sunday (100% chance of rain) are out, but I think that if Yuki is over his cold (did I mention he was sick?) we'll probably be heading out Monday or Tuesday to take another shot.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark, we just had our first snow of the year. About an inch in town, but, more in the mountains. So it appears Winter is here!

    So, I am counting on you to keep fishing and sharing your time on the water. Always a good read, my friend.

  2. Homework, we had enough in school.
    Fish Mark fish.

  3. I don't do gutters or windows. Wait, I don't fish in the winter either.