Thursday, December 1, 2016

Foggy And Cold

What started out the day was a trip to Yuki's mechanic to drop off his truck and find out what color Kastmaster his mechanic used to catch a bunch of Crappie at Lake Camanche South Shore launch ramp. He used silver and gold, but what we didn't know, and found out was he didn't catch them recently, but last Summer.  

We were closest to South Shore and since they stocked last week there might be a small chance of catching a trout or two there.

It was pretty close to 10:00 by the time we checked in and got to the ramp. It was still foggy and cold. You can see in the photo's below just how lovely it was, not. It was 48 degrees on the drive home at 2:00 pm. 

It was pretty shallow, but since we were already there, tried to make the best of the situation.

The dock and ramp
Across the lake
A little further to the left.
Down the lake to the left.
Yuki went up to the truck and took the photo below of yours truly (the little spot of a guy in the middle of the photo) working a pink Kastmaster.

From the top of the launch ramp
The only fish taken was this Largemouth and just so you know it's not the same one, I included the one from 11/14.
 And yes, it was also caught on a pink Kastmaster.

After a while we threw in the towel and wandered over to the Trout Pond with hopes it might be a bit better.
Me doing what I do best.
We had quite a few follows on Kastmasters, but no takers. We did see several taken mostly on Power Eggs and man, were they footballs. Most we saw were in the 20" range and two pounds or better. Yuki had one on orange Power Eggs and lost it, but nothing else for us on Power Eggs. Considering they hadn't stocked the pond since last Wednesday, it wasn't a bad showing.

Remember the little Okuma I had? Well I virtually destroyed it. The reel was beat to shit, the rod tip broke, and it was rendered useless. Well, I found another one at (please note I shopped with my eyes closed. What, you've never seen the photo's of Walmart out on Pinterest?) Walmart.
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It's a 6' ultralight rod and I put 2# Fluorocarbon line on it. Look out trout, here I come. Should be some fun there. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Fog and cold along with a glass smooth lake make for some tough fishing.
    The bass was a plus.

  2. Nice pictures Mark. I'm sitting here shivering just looking at them. I still have a hard time getting used to the idea of having the ability to catch trout, bass and crappie out the same waters.

  3. Definitely chilly, Mark! Makes it tough fishing when the fish get sluggish....... Am impressed that the Bass seem to be liking the Kastmaster's.

    Your new Ultralight set up needs a name.........

  4. Mark
    Just wondering if you guys were fishing what I call a bluebird day, clear blue skies--some of the worst conditions to fish anywhere, a crappie meal would have been a plus--thanks for sharing