Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday = Zero Fish

My plan was simple. Find out where the trout were holding at Lake Camanche. OK, you can stop laughing now.

Last Thursday when Yuki and I were at the pond, they stocked the North and South Shore ramps. Both got 750#. Sometimes I feel that when my ship comes in, I'll be at the airport.

The fish have to be somewhere so today my plan was to start at the North Shore ramp, walk the shore casting a plethora of Kastmasters, and find out where they are.

I started over by that white houseboat. I would have gone over behind the docks, but they had the area roped off with signs about being drawn and quartered if you're found inside the rope. Thought it best to just pass on that area. 

North shore launch ramp
I continued in the direction in the photo below and worked my way around the cove, but there was nothing to be had there.
The cove to the right of the launch ramp
I got back to the truck and drove over to the Day Use area where I caught, well you remember this guy. It's where we've had the most luck recently. Put one rod out with rainbow Power Bait first, then orange Power Eggs, and finally white Power Eggs.

The Day Use area.
There is a little cove on the other side so I worked that, the point, and this side, but again nothing.

While I had one lure out, my cell phone rang. Now I usually leave it in the truck, but I'm waiting for a call so I had it in my back pocket. Turned out it was some robo-call and I ended up losing that lure to the bottom of the lake. Yes I was pissed. Once I got home and did a reverse phone search, it's a spam number. Pissed me off even more. Think I'll send them a bill for the cost of the lure.

Anyway, I threw just about everything in my tacklebox, but there wasn't a fish to be found. The only positive for the day was I found a Hula Popper.
Hula Popper
Looks just like this, but with only one hook. They are about 6 bucks so I guess I traded one for another.

Working on the gutters the next two days, then rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Guess that's it for the week.

Stay tuned.


  1. I hope you were tickled just to be able to get out. Snow, cold and wind here tomorrow.

  2. Mark you are awesome..."when my ship comes in, I'll be at the airport"....I love it.

  3. Some days are Diamonds, some days are stones..........
    I appreciate reading your regular posts of fishing adventures while I am about to be snowed in.

  4. Well, it happens to all of us. One time or another. That ship will come in again to pick you up.