Friday, December 23, 2016

The Joke List

I know that here are a lot of you out there that visit this blog on a daily basis. The stats show approximately 250 hits a day.

What I wanted to offer is a chance to see some of the jokes I forward to the current group (only 17).

Keep in mind that some are jokes, some are political, and some are a bit on the "dark side".

There are actually two groups. The current group and a group for guys only. The guys only group is generally jokes with, well you get the idea. Sometimes they tend to lean toward rude, crude, and abusive.

Here is one based on fishing that I forwarded this morning.

 Fly Tying.

What I'm saying is that if you'd like to be included, send me your email address at:

I'll include you in the jokes group and if you want to be included in the "guys only" group (remember, rude, crude, and abusive) tell me that also. 

 I'll gather names and the distribution will begin next year.

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