Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Like Old Times

We heard that one of our old haunts had water in it again. We used to fish New Melones at the Tuttletown launch ramp, but the last time I was out there, you couldn't even see water.

Well, the lake had risen 43 feet with all the rain we've had so today it was "let's take a look at Tuttletown".

I got out there about 9:30 (it's a rather long drive) and Jim was just setting up. As you can see there is water.
The launch ramp is behind the hill beyond Jim.
On the way to the lake I stopped at Glory Hole Sports and got a couple containers of those little white floaty things. The two I had left were getting pretty grungy. I also picked up (as long as I was there) a carton of mini-crawlers.

I rigged up one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with a mini-crawler and a couple white floaty things.

Then I took some shots around the area to show you there really was water there. In the picture below, you can still see the green weeds. The water rose so fast that the weeds are still green out to about 10 feet.

Across the lake
To the left
Used to float tube in this cove.
Then Yuki got there and started putting together his gear. I might mention that by this time there hadn't been bite one. I did have what I thought was two bites on the Power Bait, but I think it was just fish swimming by and touching the line. You know, a twitch then nothing.

I reeled in the Power Bait line and with my little Okuma (2#) I started throwing a pink 1/4 oz. Kastmaster. Then I had an epiphany. I have these on occasion. The thought was that the Trout in this lake feed on Shad and since the pink Kastmaster wasn't working, why not try silver?

Only took about three casts and the first fish of the day came to hand. Right after that I had a second one on, but it was gone in seconds. Must not have had enough Superglue on the lure. I might mention that that was the first fish on my "new" little Okuma.  

I took first blood
Shortly there after Yuki hooked up one on a kind of holographic Kastmaster. You all know Kastmasters come in a gazillion colors. This one was pinkish with black spots.

Yuki's first
The Jim hooked his first on a kind of light green, frog looking Kastmaster.

Jim's first
Then that was it. Not another hookup the rest of the day. We either caught all the fish in the school or it moved on. My guess would be they moved on.  

We called it a day shortly after Noon with Yuki needing to get one of his dogs from the vet and me having some errands to run. There is always next time.  

The picture below, if you can find it, is of a Black Widow Spider I found on the top of my tacklebox as I set it in the truck. Make the picture big and it's right in the center at the top of the picture.

That was right before I stepped on it. Spiders fall in right next to snakes in my book. I'm not squeamish, but then neither is Indiana Jones. We just don't like snakes or in my case snakes and spiders.

Well, we have another storm coming in tomorrow and lasting to the weekend and another one starting on Monday so I'm not sure when we'll get out again.

Stay tuned. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wait, Wait, Wait, then Bang

Met Yuki at North Shore Camanche right about 9:00. Set up on the launch side of the peninsula (what's left of it). One rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with orange Power Eggs.

Hung out long enough to finish my coffee from Starbucks. Should get free coffee for all the advertising I give Starbucks.

When the coffee was gone, I reeled in the Power Eggs and started throwing the pink Kastmaster on the lake side of the peninsula. Wasn't long and I hooked up the first fish of the day. Just like that, it was gone.

A little while later I hooked up the second fish of the day. Again, just like that it was gone. I have to think that when they grab it I need to set the hook even though it's a lure, but I'm a little hesitant because I was using my little Okuma and it only has 2#. I think I need to set the hook, but don't want to break the line. I think they call that a conundrum.   

After that it was sit, sit, sit. Me in the red Coleman Camping chair and Yuki in his truck thus the picture below.
Me and Roy
 Roy is a new friend met this morning. He fishes, he hunts, he gold mines. A very versatile guy.

Then just before Noon (almost three hours after getting there) I got the first hit on rainbow Power Bait. Since Yuki was keeping them for smoking, I hung it on the handy dandy Berkeley Digital Scale and it came in at 2 pounds 8 ounces. Not bad for the first fish from Camanche this year.  

First fish I could keep on the line
As soon as I could get the line back out, the second fish came to hand. this one was  a little smaller than the first one so I didn't hang it on the scale.

Fish #2
And that was it. Wait, wait, wait then bang, bang and the day was done. Packed up at Noon and headed back into town to run a couple errands. 

Short and sweet.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just A Quick Trip To The Lake

Just to get out of the house,  I took a drive out to North Shore to see how the rain affected the lake. At check-in the young man said the lake was at 77% keeping enough space "just in case".

I drove out to the Day Use Area and parked a little further out the rapidly shrinking peninsula. Trust me it was a short drive. The water was not muddy, but cloudy is the best I can describe it. I think that is a lot of the problem we've been having (not catching) since all the rain. Fish can't see the bait or the lures.While the rainbow Power Bait and orange Power Eggs were soaking, I took a few shots around the lake
I usually fish over there.
Here is today's spot.
That's about all there is left of the peninsula
The other side of the peninsula

And for your viewing pleasure, floating toilets.

Floating poop place
OK, fishing. Got one big hit on the Power Bait, but it was a hit and gone. Big enough that it almost bounced the rod off the tackle box it was resting on.

The only other hit of the day was on my little Okuma with a pink Kastmaster. Had it on for a few seconds and then it was gone. By the way, while I think about it, I still haven't caught anything on the little Okuma since I got it last year. Maybe next time. Only stayed a couple hours.

Yuki and I are heading back out there Thursday (the weather guessers have backed off on rain for that day) or Friday.

Stay tuned. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

I've Got To Get Out

With the exception of last Tuesday, I don't think I've been out of the house for about three weeks.

I do plan on running out to Lake Camanche tomorrow to take a look and maybe wet a line, maybe. Then later in the week Yuki and I are going back out there on Thursday or Friday. Probably Friday since it's supposed to rain again Thursday.

OK, I'm over the rain.

Then there is the snow in the mountain. Early this morning there was an avalanche at Alpine Meadows ski area. Couple guys got caught in their car and were rescued by communication with the rescue crew via Facebook. We are really in a Social Media world.

So I went out on the web and got you a couple pictures to bring home what is happening up the hill. Summer is going to be great fishing. Here are some snow pictures.

Image result for recent snow pictures
Oh Fun
Image result for recent snow pictures
Not so much fun
Image result for recent snow pictures
Needs to be taller

Image result for recent snow pictures
Kate Snow

Now, we don't have that fluffy stuff you get back East. We have what's called Sierra Cement. Wet, heavy, and full of water. This morning it's snowing right up the street. We're at 1200 ft and it's snowing at 2000 ft.

I hope the new owners of the house up the hill don't take this personally, but I'm glad we live down here.

Stay tuned for tomorrows report.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nothing But Eggs

Well, not exactly.

Picked up Yuki at the Wells Fargo in San Andreas and headed to New Melones (not so much a puddle any more) lake.

Since we were meeting our friend Jim who hails from Sonora (California) we stopped under the Highway 49 bridge where we expected to find him. You know where I'm talking about, we've been there a dozen times before. 

Jim had just gotten there when we arrived. He had one rod out with Power Bait and a crawler on the other. I put out two, one with rainbow Power Bait and the other with white Power eggs. Yuki had one out with orange Power Eggs and was throwing a pink Kastmaster with the other

If you make the picture below large, notice the outcropping of land, not the one close, but the one beyond and that is where we were fishing the last time out there. I was actually fishing in the place where we used to park. 

My spot, my shadow
Yuki got the first two hits on orange Power Eggs, but missed both. I guess he finally used enough Superglue because the third one stuck. It was a nice 12/13 inch Rainbow.  It was his first fish of 2017.

I took second blood (on orange Power Eggs) with another nice 12/13 inch Rainbow. It also turned out to be my first fish of 2017.
First fish of 2017
Just then, Jim hooked one on a Kastmaster and chocked up his first of 2017 also. A definite day of first fish in 2017. School (fish school that is) was in session.

Yuki put one more on his stringer so that he took home two and Jim with his and mine took home two also. Keep in mind that they haven't planted New Melones since October 23rd. last year. 

I took the picture below to show you how much water has gone into New Melones. Used to be a long way up to the 49 bridge.
So New Melones is far from full (only 32% at last count), but it's definitely coming along. So well in fact, the launch ramp at Tuttletown where we used to fish is now in the water. Last time I was over there you couldn't even see water from the ramp.

No more fishing this week. Rain from now probably through the weekend. We'll be back out next week.

Stay tuned.

Friday, January 13, 2017

What Else Would You Expect From Friday The 13th

Left the house on the first day it's not rained in probably 40 days and 40 nights. If you've watched the National News, you've seen the flooding. Not that we've had any flooding at La Casa Kautz, but between the drainage creeks, Jackson Creek, Sutter Creek, and the others that merge in Jackson, we almost lost the police department. Most of the flooding has occurred down in the valley where the Cosumnes and Mokelumne rivers meet.

So, I'm on the way to see if Lake Camanche is fishable. One would think that with all the recent rain the lake would be mud as opposed to water. On the way to North Shore I cross the creek that is the drain for Lake Amador's spillway and it was running high and muddy. The consensus was that Amador was probably not fishable not only because of muddy water, but Amador tends to have a lot of debris after a rain like we've had. Things like branches, tree limbs, and trees floating around until they have time to settle.

 When I left the house it was 28 degrees. When I got to the lake it was 37 degrees. I went through check-in, but didn't get a fishing permit (I have a pass) until I saw the lake. I asked the kid at check-in "Was the lake clear?" He said it had a lot of water in the lake. "Not what I asked". That was all he knew. I drove out to the Day Use Area and after chatting with Dave (from the last couple posts) and Rubin who is a fellow Geezer and repeat fisherman out there, I drove over to the marina and got my permit.

The water didn't have it's usual clarity, but since there were several people fishing I thought I'd wet a line. Anything to break the shack nasties. It looked just like the two photo's below.
Out toward the point which is rapidly disappearing.
That is the South Shore ramp.
Today is Friday the 13th, it was cold, foggy, damp, never got any warmer than 37 degrees, and generally miserable. It was also a.........

Image result for skunk pictures

What else would you expect from Friday the 13th.

Friday, January 6, 2017

My God, I Just Got Reminded I'm Old

I don't think any of you out there have reached 70. Keep in mind that I worked for a Mutual Funds Investment Company for 10 years. I know about retirement accounts. I know that when you're 70 1/2 you have to take mandatory withdrawals from your accounts, BUT when one of those payments drops into your checking account (like one did this morning) it's a stark reminder that you're OLD. 

Screw it, I'm going fishing.................

OK, five hours later, here's the story.

Pulled out of the house at 8:15. Temperature 27 degrees. When I got to lake it was 31 degrees. The only saving grace was that I was sitting with my back to the wind. Carhart hooded jacket and gloves and I still froze. I even took a thermos of Mendocino Hotel blend (same as they serve at the hotel in Mendocino) coffee and drank the whole thing. Finally just after Noon it got warm enough to take the gloves off, but not the jacket.

I threw everything I had at them and was totally ignored. I did see a couple caught and the were using the same bait as I was.

So 2017 starts out a:

Image result for skunk pictures

Just so the day isn't ruined completely I took a couple pictures for your pleasure.

Remember Dave from the last post? That's him over there.
North Shore boat launch

South Shore boat launch
It was my only chance to fish this week and next week, rain for at least 7 days with this weekend predicting (by the weather guessers of course) 4 to 8 inches of rain here in Jackson. Can you say BOAT?

So a stinky start to 2017, but I'll keep trying.

Stay tuned.