Monday, January 23, 2017

I've Got To Get Out

With the exception of last Tuesday, I don't think I've been out of the house for about three weeks.

I do plan on running out to Lake Camanche tomorrow to take a look and maybe wet a line, maybe. Then later in the week Yuki and I are going back out there on Thursday or Friday. Probably Friday since it's supposed to rain again Thursday.

OK, I'm over the rain.

Then there is the snow in the mountain. Early this morning there was an avalanche at Alpine Meadows ski area. Couple guys got caught in their car and were rescued by communication with the rescue crew via Facebook. We are really in a Social Media world.

So I went out on the web and got you a couple pictures to bring home what is happening up the hill. Summer is going to be great fishing. Here are some snow pictures.

Image result for recent snow pictures
Oh Fun
Image result for recent snow pictures
Not so much fun
Image result for recent snow pictures
Needs to be taller

Image result for recent snow pictures
Kate Snow

Now, we don't have that fluffy stuff you get back East. We have what's called Sierra Cement. Wet, heavy, and full of water. This morning it's snowing right up the street. We're at 1200 ft and it's snowing at 2000 ft.

I hope the new owners of the house up the hill don't take this personally, but I'm glad we live down here.

Stay tuned for tomorrows report.


  1. Wow! I thought we got a lot of snow!

  2. Man...can it ever get deeper.
    It will sure fill up the lakes.

  3. Looking like it's shaping up to be a good trout season, with some of my favorite small creeks fishable into the fall!

  4. Here is to all the water that is forthcoming this season. Hopefully, in a controlled sort of way, no flooding needed. Fish will definitely have some new home water to hang out in!