Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wait, Wait, Wait, then Bang

Met Yuki at North Shore Camanche right about 9:00. Set up on the launch side of the peninsula (what's left of it). One rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with orange Power Eggs.

Hung out long enough to finish my coffee from Starbucks. Should get free coffee for all the advertising I give Starbucks.

When the coffee was gone, I reeled in the Power Eggs and started throwing the pink Kastmaster on the lake side of the peninsula. Wasn't long and I hooked up the first fish of the day. Just like that, it was gone.

A little while later I hooked up the second fish of the day. Again, just like that it was gone. I have to think that when they grab it I need to set the hook even though it's a lure, but I'm a little hesitant because I was using my little Okuma and it only has 2#. I think I need to set the hook, but don't want to break the line. I think they call that a conundrum.   

After that it was sit, sit, sit. Me in the red Coleman Camping chair and Yuki in his truck thus the picture below.
Me and Roy
 Roy is a new friend met this morning. He fishes, he hunts, he gold mines. A very versatile guy.

Then just before Noon (almost three hours after getting there) I got the first hit on rainbow Power Bait. Since Yuki was keeping them for smoking, I hung it on the handy dandy Berkeley Digital Scale and it came in at 2 pounds 8 ounces. Not bad for the first fish from Camanche this year.  

First fish I could keep on the line
As soon as I could get the line back out, the second fish came to hand. this one was  a little smaller than the first one so I didn't hang it on the scale.

Fish #2
And that was it. Wait, wait, wait then bang, bang and the day was done. Packed up at Noon and headed back into town to run a couple errands. 

Short and sweet.


  1. Looks like the drought is ending as well as the skunk Mark. Good on you.

  2. Well, I must say, if you are going to only bother to catch 2 fish, nothing wrong with them being in the 2 - 3 pound category! Good work, Mark.....

  3. Mark
    What a way to start the new year, I read recently that fish turn on and off every hour as far as feeding, looks like you were in the feed on hour when you landed both those bows. Congrats!!