Friday, January 13, 2017

What Else Would You Expect From Friday The 13th

Left the house on the first day it's not rained in probably 40 days and 40 nights. If you've watched the National News, you've seen the flooding. Not that we've had any flooding at La Casa Kautz, but between the drainage creeks, Jackson Creek, Sutter Creek, and the others that merge in Jackson, we almost lost the police department. Most of the flooding has occurred down in the valley where the Cosumnes and Mokelumne rivers meet.

So, I'm on the way to see if Lake Camanche is fishable. One would think that with all the recent rain the lake would be mud as opposed to water. On the way to North Shore I cross the creek that is the drain for Lake Amador's spillway and it was running high and muddy. The consensus was that Amador was probably not fishable not only because of muddy water, but Amador tends to have a lot of debris after a rain like we've had. Things like branches, tree limbs, and trees floating around until they have time to settle.

 When I left the house it was 28 degrees. When I got to the lake it was 37 degrees. I went through check-in, but didn't get a fishing permit (I have a pass) until I saw the lake. I asked the kid at check-in "Was the lake clear?" He said it had a lot of water in the lake. "Not what I asked". That was all he knew. I drove out to the Day Use Area and after chatting with Dave (from the last couple posts) and Rubin who is a fellow Geezer and repeat fisherman out there, I drove over to the marina and got my permit.

The water didn't have it's usual clarity, but since there were several people fishing I thought I'd wet a line. Anything to break the shack nasties. It looked just like the two photo's below.
Out toward the point which is rapidly disappearing.
That is the South Shore ramp.
Today is Friday the 13th, it was cold, foggy, damp, never got any warmer than 37 degrees, and generally miserable. It was also a.........

Image result for skunk pictures

What else would you expect from Friday the 13th.


  1. Aw, Mark, more Geezers who fish........ That is good work to make contact...... I have been wondering what your flood status was and if you were being impacted by all this weather. Thanks for the update and stay dry.

  2. Mark
    Glad you guys are getting the much deserved rain; talk to Jason yesterday and he said the Sacramento River close to where he lives is out of its banks, lot of water down his way.

  3. I'm not even allowed to drive on Friday the 13th. But nice try Mark.

  4. That little black and white fellow paid me and Kirk a visit one day last week.

  5. I was looking for the Loch Ness monster in those foggy photos... Perhaps instead of Nessie, there's a Comanchie?