Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sneaking Out Between Storms

It's rained so much in the last two months that I can't even tell you a day that it hasn't. Today is no exception. Rained yesterday, going to rain later today. I told my wife that instead of buying the Freedom Express last Summer we should have bought a boat.

Now the guy down the street has the right idea. He had a pile of wood show up in his front yard. A BIG pile. Said something about Gopher Wood and building a boat although I don't know where you would get that type of wood and why that type specifically for a boat. He must have some inside information. Anyway it looks like he's collecting animals too. He's got more in his menagerie than Yuki does and Yuki has a lot. We'll see what happens.

On the spur of the moment, I ran out to Lake Camanche North Shore just to give my wife some time at home without yours truly underfoot. Got to the lake just before 9:00 and put out two rods, one with rainbow Power Bait and the other with orange Power Eggs.

Took a couple picture while I was sitting. Looks like the lake has dropped about 10 feet. You can almost drive out to the island.    

More land showing in anticipation of the next storm.
My wife asked me about the makeup of the shore line so I took this shot. It's a mixture of clay, pebbles, and some larger rocks.

Rocks and such.
I let the PB & PE's soak for an hour and then reeled in the Power Eggs and started throwing my pink Kastmaster.

That's the island way out there.
From where my chair was, I worked my way out to the point of the peninsula and had one of those wonderful moments when you cast out your $6 lure and it keeps going because it's no longer attached to your rod. I hate when that happens.

Went back to the chair (it's where the tacklebox is) and tied on another snap swivel and put on a silver Kastmaster. Seems I'm out of pink ones. Four or five casts later on my little Okuma, and it was "fish on". When you're fishing with 2# line, there is no horsing a fish in. A two pound Rainbow gives a really nice fight on a light rod. A quick picture, a little CPR (there was no mouth to mouth done on this fish) and he was off for another day. 

2 pounds or so. 
If you make the picture below big by double clicking it, you can see (in the middle of the picture) this fish on his way back into the lake. 

Right in the middle.
By about 11:30 the wind had picked up and the clouds were rolling in so I decided to pack up, but make one more walk around the point. Straight out from the end I hooked up with another one about the same size as the one in the picture above so I didn't photo that one. Got it right to the shore, unhooked, and sent it back for another day.    

That was it, walked the rest of the way around the peninsula, but no more were to be had. Not bad for a sneak out fishing trip.

With all the rain coming I don't know when I'll get out again, so stay tuned.


  1. What's not to like about a sneak out fishing trip? Those are some really nice healthy looking fish Mark. Do any of them have pink meat?

    1. Actually it's more orange than pink. Looks like salmon. Something they feed them at the Mount Lassen Fish Hatchery.

  2. I agree, "not bad"
    That rainbow looks to be quite silvery.

    1. Hi Alan, the second one was really pink rainbow colored. Probably should have taken a photo.

  3. Nice trip out for sure, Mark. Those Kastmasters have saved my bacon a few days for sure when fishing with family especially......... I assume you have quality rain gear, too!

    1. I don't fish in the rain. You know that sugar melts when it gets wet.