Friday, March 24, 2017

Ever Feel Left Out ??

Yesterday morning I did the neighborly thing. I picked up my next door neighbor after having minor surgery and gave him a ride home because his wife doesn't drive.

I got him at 8:15 am, home at 8:20 am (the surgery center was just around the corner) and was out to North Shore Lake Camanche by 9:00 am.

My friend Rubin was there and already had one in the cooler. I set up next to him with two rods of rainbow Power Bait (he caught his on chartreuse) and drank my Starbucks coffee. Made sure I didn't drop it this time.

Then around 10:00 Rubin caught his second one. Remember now, I'm fishing right next to him.

Rubin's second
Then he caught his third. I'm still sitting right next to him.

Rubin's third
While all this is happening, the two guys that were out here last time I fished North Shore were behind us pulling them in one after the other.

I tried adding garlic and sweet corn to the Power Bait, I tried silver, pink, green/silver, Firetiger, and even gold Kastmasters. I even tried Crappie Jigs. WHAT THE HELL !!!

Not a bite. At Noon I went home.

Now, a little info on the Crappie Jig. This is a set up that Bill Trussell sent me, seems like a year ago or maybe even longer. Jigs, hooks, and some some stuff called Crappie Nibbles. Since I've been lax in trying out this rig, the nibbles dried out and to get them on a hook, I needed a drill and small bit. So I''ll have to get some fresher ones and give it another try. Going to do some warm water fishing this summer. See if I can scare up a Crappie or two.

Last week Yuki and I went to South Shore in search of Crappie. There was nothing to report so I didn't report. The previous pigs that fished there left a bunch of empty beer bottles and one unopened bottle of Corona. If they were going to leave one, the least they could have done was leave it on ice. A slice of lime would have been nice too.  

Stay tuned.   


  1. Isn't that just the way it goes. That seems to happen to me also Mark. But don't feel bad. What's a fish dinner without a beer?

  2. I am here to testify that, I for one, have had this happen on more occasions than I care to tell. Once in awhile, though, it goes the other way around. Who knows? Crappie and Jigs go hand in hand. Good luck!

  3. Mark, crappie love a partridge and flash soft-hackle.

    Slobs like that really piss me off.

  4. Mark
    Got a suggestion concerning the crappie nibblets; give the little gems a try using the 1/32 oz. rooster tail, I have landed a lot of crappie using this tiny little spinner lure with a nibblet attached to one of the little hooks. Reel it slow through the water; I will add a small weight about 6 to 8" above the lure if I am fishing in extremely deep water. The smaller version of the rooster tail produced better than the larger version--colors used were black, white and chartreuse

  5. Don't feel bad, I'm always that guy who catches less than the others. Always.

    And you're not kidding, if you're going to leave a beer behind (which is just about as bad a sin as there is) at least leave it in a drinkable condition. Rookies.