Sunday, April 16, 2017

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Arrived at the campground at about 1:00 pm on Thursday. It rained off and on all the way down, but held off long enough for us to get set up.

Space 33
 Took a couple quick shots around the campground so you could see what the place looked like. If you want to see the campground set up, go to Reserve and type in Half Moon Bay SB. It shows you the whole place.

Directly across
Across and to the left
Down the road to the right

and to the left
Keep in mind that even though it's sunshine and blue skies, the wind was blowing like crazy. Just look at the trees in the back of the picture.

I walked by this field of Ice Plant. Ice Plant was all over the place and if you could find a little spot that didn't have any wind, you could even smell them.

Ice Plant
The wind was blowing directly off the water at 15 to 20. It caused a lot of BIG waves. I contemplated fishing, but if you were a fish, would you be this close to shore? You'd get the crap beat out of you.

Down the shore to the right

Down the shore to the left
That was Thursday, this was Friday. Looked the same, just a different day.

Rough water
So Friday we went into town, had lunch, and picked up a couple of things at the local hardware store. They didn't give me any discounts so I'm not giving out any kudos.

Friday afternoon brought calmer water, but there was so much sand in the water I figured any fish there probably couldn't see a lure if I threw one at it.

So instead of fishing, I took sunset pictures. Enjoy.......

OK, so there's 7 of them. I got carried away.

Saturday morning brought out the surfers. The water was calmer and clearer, but still there were enough waves that fishing was out of the question AND it only lasted a couple hours and the wind was back.
Surfs Up.

See this? Been there, done that.
Although my surfing days were a while ago. Think Beach Boys. Think late 60's. That was when I was a surfer dude.

This morning brought the rain and wind again. So the weekend was pretty much a wash, har, har,
Here comes the rain. 
Although I did see one boy walk by with a fishing rod and a lure that looked like a big chartreuse and white Muskie lure, it looks like I'll have to stick to trout fishing.

Maybe it won't rain all week.....One can hope.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark, sure enjoyed the visual "vacation" from you in this post. Love those sunsets!! I have never seen the Pacific Ocean up close so it was a treat for me.

  2. Sounds like the typical California beach state park experience. The wind whips that sand around and it's hard to get out of every nook and cranny.

  3. Mark, I enjoyed the pictures but I am sorry that you didn't get a chance to fish. I'll probably never make it to either ocean.

  4. Hey Mark that is one awesome the Beach Boys