Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Lake Update

In the last post I tried to get statistics. I couldn't find anything so it was a calculated guess. This time I wrote them down when I saw them.

Here's this year vs last year percentage of full.

This year                                                           Last year

Mt. Shasta Lake  94%                                       93%         Pretty close, but a BIG lake
Oroville Lake      74%                                       96%         Don't forget the spillway problem
Folsom Lake        74%                                       85%         Fed by the 3 forks of the American River
                                                                                            A lot of snow up there still.
New Melones       83%                                       23%         Wow

This is the latest in fence repairs caused by the Winter wind events. Between my house and the Bass house next door. Yes, his name is Bass and he also has a blog called, you guessed it "Kiss My".

There is another repair in progress on the other side of the house, but still two more sections to go.

Fishing tomorrow or Friday.

Stay tuned.

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