Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Short Trip Out To The Lake

I suggested we give Lake Amador another try and see if we could catch some more of the Lightning Trout. Our plan was to meet at check-in at 9:00. I got there at 8:00 and Yuki was already there. So much for sneaking in early.

We set up at the same place as last week and it wasn't very long until the first fish came on rainbow Power Bait.

About a pound and a half
I tried to put it back, but it was  a little too worn out.

Swish it around
Try to get some oxygen through the gills

I was unsuccessful so we gave it to some people next to us.

In between that one and the next one, Yuki got a bite on white Power Eggs, but missed it.

Then the second Lightning Trout came, again on rainbow Power Bait. This one a little larger.

Pushing two pounds
They give a much better fight than a normal Rainbow. No jumps (that I've seen) but good runs and a long fight.

While I was waiting for the next bite, I started playing around with a size 16 fly hook and a red worm for some of the little Bluegills swimming around the shallows.

Blue Gill
This one was the first, and the prettiest of the 15 or so I caught.  Fun on the little Okuma, but would have been far more fun on my 3 wt fly rod.

Yuki took off at 10 because of the heat (already 85 at 10 in the morning) and I left at 11.

That's it for this week. No fishing next week as we're off to Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark, those are sure nice trout. Out here they are often referred to as "Banana" Trout. They are a rarity, but, folks seem to enjoy them when they hook up. Yup, your fly rod would have been fun on those Bluegills!

  2. Wow Mark, those are some healthy fish no matter what they are. Good for you!

  3. Those lightning trout look like a blast... And the teaser at the end...Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park...I want pictures!

  4. Mark
    Take the 3 wt. next time and show us a string of bluegills---those lighting trout are colorful, still looking for my first trout of the season, too much rain here has rivers rising.

  5. Mark you did the right thing in giving that fish to some people. Those bluegills are a blast on a 3wt.