Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Somewhat Sad Update.

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been fishing much lately. Yeh, it’s been hotter than Hell, but that was only part of the reason.

I’ve noticed lately that when I fish a creek, fly fishing mostly, that the next day or two are extremely painful for my body.

If you look back at the post from 7/28, Yuki and I fished the West Fork of the Carson after a little bait dunking at Upper Blue Lake. It took me two days before I could walk upright. Kind of like the early caveman.  OK, I recovered and was back to almost normal by day three.

Then on 8/5 Yuki and I fished Silver Fork of the American and then on to Bear River Reservoir. Once again, for two days I couldn’t walk upright. This time my wife had something to say about it. She reminded me that I’m old. She’s very subtle at times.  I was also reminded that after 7/28, if I had a re-occurrence that she and I were going to revisit fly fishing along creeks.

Granted, I’m a little hardheaded at times (most of the time. C’mon, I’m German), but I think the pain outweighs the fly fishing on creeks. Then I saw the video “Casting on the waters” over on Howard's site, everything came together. With the leg problems I mentioned back on 8/5, the back pain from “rock hopping”, and general oldness of my body (I believe I am the Senior Geezer of this group at 71) I’m going to have to take a hiatus from fly fishing creeks quite possibly quit all together.

We’re headed to Upper Lake mid this month and I’m taking the Float Tube Cumberland like I did last year. I want to see if float tubing causes similar problems. Remember back aways, I talked about the leg cramps which actually turned out to be arthritis. That was back in 2013 and trust me, it’s gotten worse. It’s hell getting old.

The trip is scheduled in two weeks so I’ll be kind of quiet until then. I’ve got a lot to think about.  If something interesting turns up, I’ll post, but if you don’t see anything here, it’s because I’m thinking.
I want to mention that thinking is a weird concept for me as I usually get into trouble when I think, so bear with me.


  1. Yes, you are the senior geezer and yes this is a sad post. I'm sorry to hear about your ailments Mark but I also understand in a very real way. I've been thinking for quite a while and you're right. It only gets us in trouble. If you want to compare notes, you know where I am...soaking in a hot tub of water at Windknots Headquarters! Give you body a rest for a while.

  2. Mark
    Sorry to hear about the back problems, which I am still dealing with as I type this. Keep your spirits up because there are still fishing days left for all us older guys; weather its wading, boating or relaxing in our chair sitting beside one of our favorite lakes. Thanks for sharing