Friday, October 6, 2017

OK, So It's Been Two Weeks

Yeh, I'm still here.

Two projects have kept me from fishing for two weeks.

First is the back yard. It was something like this:

flagstone picture diy 4
Same color

Flagstone filled with pea gravel. Looked like crap and hard to walk on.

Now it looks like this:

The second project is the fence around the back yard. Last Winter I replaced 3 sections and the gate that blew down during a storm. Later last Winter I replaced 3 more sections. Another storm. Now I'm replacing the rest. It seems that the fence is falling apart faster than I can replace the sections. Every time I work on one section, the boards from other sections fall off. 

I only have the strength to replace about one section a day and then I have to quit, so it's going to take a while. I have 14 more sections to go. 

I made the mistake of leaving one section open overnight and the deer (you know the City of Jackson apple cleanup and hedge trimming department) helped themselves. I guess tomatoes aren't as good as apples since they just took a bite and then dropped the tomato. Kind of pissed off my wife. She babies her vegetables. 

I guess you can say that fishing is on hold for a while, but don't forget me. As Arnold said "I'll be back". 


  1. I'd be happy to help you with your deer problem, shucks 3000 mile away.

  2. Mark
    My deer has moved over into another bean field that is going to be to harvested--no beans behind our house this year---by the way the exact same flagstone rock was the demise of my back----still dealing with the back problems which causes me to feel like doing nothing---had second Epidural yesterday hope they hit the spot---take care and yes take your time, for us Geezers time is luxury~!!

  3. Will never forget you my friend. I have the same problem. Every winter the storms take out a new section of fence. This year Pam let me hire the work out. I think my fishing is probably done for the year. Snow tomorrow.

  4. Get those projects out of the way... looking forward to the return. And yeah, deer, I can see why you're not too fond of them.