Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Veteran I Knew Little About

My Dad was a Veteran of WWII. I'd like to share some pictures I received from my Sister-in-Law a while back that I didn't know existed. She's sorting through boxes of stuff my mother had packed away years ago.

The picture on the left is my Dad on the left and some of his Coast Guard Cronies. The picture on the right is my Dad and Uncle Richard, Dad's brother and the youngest of the Kautz 11. The 11 are the 11 children of my Grand parents. I never knew Uncle Richard as we lived in Wisconsin and he lived (and died) in California. Actually lived South of me in Fresno and he died just North of Sacramento in the town of Woodland. 

You see where I get my fishing ability from. That's a pretty big one. 

My guess would be Northern Wisconsin

Coast Guard in Action

So there are a couple pictures of a Veteran I knew little about.

Trust me, I was blown away when I got the package. There was about 50 pictures of my family that I never knew existed, in it.


  1. Those are some awesome photos Mark. Glad you were able to connect through those pictures. Our veterans are cherished for their sacrifices.

  2. Mark
    Memorable pictures for sure, let us never forget those who served!!!