Friday, December 29, 2017

Nothing Like Ending 2017 With A Skunk

Lake Amador yesterday.

Image result for skunk pictures
One for Yuki
He gets to go first today. 

Image result for skunk pictures
One for me
Image result for skunk pictures
This for the rest that didn't catch anything

That's a wrap. 

See you next year. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Food Memories

Alan over at Small Stream Reflections suggested we post memories of food from Christmas.

OK Alan, here it is:

Image result for fruit cake picture
Fruit Cake
EVERY YEAR..............

I think I'm going to be sick now. 

Merry Christmas everyone............

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fishing Has Been Kind Of Crappo

Just thought I'd get everyone caught-up on what I've been doing.

First of all, the fence project is complete. Here are the results:

21 - 8' sections, 2 gates, and 2 replaced posts, 1 new post. I don't think I need to explain the pictures below. 

I have been fishing a couple times, but since I didn't catch anything I didn't feel the need to stick my skunk out there. OK, you can laugh now.

Several doctor appointments lately. Had another skin cancer removed, from my chest this time. Last night I had a, my doctor calls it a "Barnacle", removed from my face. Don't know if it is cancerous, but it's being sent out for biopsy. As a kid, I lived in the sun. Paying for it now.

The next project has been put off until the beginning of the year. Wife wants, after painting the dining room, all the base board replaced. It was a deal I made so I could justify buying a pin nailer. Didn't want to get into another project with Christmas, a foot operation (the wife), and my Grand-Daughter's wedding on the 21st. Too much going on in December.

Oh yeh, statistics update: 1071 posts since January 2009. Just short of 550,000 hits.

Interesting (to me) is that after the American page views, Ukraine is second. You remember I'm doing this genealogy research? My roots come from Germany via Ukraine. Thank you to those from the Ukraine supporting this blog.

Any of you from Ukraine have the name Kautz, Werschinka, or Verschinka? I'd like to know.

Yuki and I are meeting out at North Shore on Thursday.

Stay Tuned.