Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fishing 1.11

Nope, not some new Microsoft application. Just fishing today 1/11/2018.

Lake Camanche.

As you can see from the picture below, 2018 is starting right where 2017 left off. It's not like they aren't stocking. They've planted thousands of pounds of fish this Winter season

Image result for pictures of skunks
Just me
I have to tell you, something has to change. I'm starting to seriously question my abilities as a fisherman. On top of that, I'm running out of skunk pictures.

Yes, I tried everything.

Maybe next time.


  1. I'd rather have gone out and gotten skunked then not gotten out at all...

  2. Mark your streak will end... soon we'll be seeing those bows.

  3. Mark
    It warms quicker there than it does here, I have a feeling you will connect on the next outing.

  4. If nothing else, you're consistent I suppose. Isn't that good? I'm sure things will turn around soon for you. If not, I can hook you up with some really nice skunk photos...

    1. Kelly, you're so good to me I don't know what to say.