Friday, February 2, 2018

It Was A Nice Day To Read

I got out to Lake Camanche North Shore about 9:30 yesterday morning. I know that seems a little late for me, but I'm still taking my wife back and forth to work. The operation she had on her foot didn't go as well as expected. Something about the stitches inside and needing another surgery. In any event, she can't make the walk from way out in the parking lot to the office, so I drop her off at the door. 

I set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait and with coffee in hand, parked in the red camping chair to read (for Yuki's benefit) a paperback novel. He was a librarian for most of his career and using an e-reader is just not in his make-up. Obviously I didn't have any expectations since the last few times I've been out there I've been skunked. BUT it's the only place I can sit in the shade of the truck and fish or in this case, read.

Then, this guy showed up. I don't think it was the same warden in the picture, but like Larry Bird and Tweedy Bird, "they looked an awful lot alike".

Image result for california game warden images
California Game Warden
If you followed this blog for any length of time, you know that if I talk to a Game Warden I get skunked. It's happened every time for the last 9 or 10 years and yesterday was no exception. 

I got through 50 some pages of the book then packed up and went home. I might add that no body else caught anything either. I don't want to blame it on the presence of the Game Warden, but.......... 

Stay Tuned.



  1. Good that you made the trip to the lake, not so good is the condition of the wife's foot.
    Thumbs up to Yuki, a book in hand is the only way to go.
    Staying tuned in CT.

  2. Mark
    The last Game Warden I saw was last year on the Caney Fork, wanting to see my fishing licenses-----do you need a fishing licenses in California after 65--in Alabama no need to worry about a fishing or hunting licenses if you are 65 and over---seeing the Game Warden in the image brought the licenses to mind.

  3. I don't even need a game warden to show up to not catch any fish. Best wishes to your wife Mark!