Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Almost A Month Later

I'm going to try a trip out to North Shore next week. Not sure which day, but probably mid to late in the week.

I've discovered several of the "side effects" of this Spinal Osteoarthritis. Let me explain.

A weekend ago I did some weed pulling on the hill in back. Two things are involved in this process. One, walking up and down the hill and kneeling down to pull the weeds.

The following Monday and Tuesday I could barely walk. By end of the day on Wednesday I was back to normal. Wednesday and Thursday were normal days.

Friday I decided to mow the yard. It's a pretty good sized yard.

Disregard the snow, about 1/4 acre.
Saturday morning I did the trimming and noticed some weeds below the front window. Being "Mr. Neatnic" regarding my yard, I got down and pulled the weeds. 

Between mowing, trimming, and pulling those weeds, Saturday afternoon and Sunday I, once again, couldn't walk. 

Conclusion: Pulling weed on hands and knees and walking on uneven terrain is the cause of not being able to walk. The wife mentioned that what it looks like (and it never crossed my mind) is that movement causes a pinched nerve in my hip. Thus gimping around. 

Doesn't mean there aren't other "side effects" from the back problem, this is just another one. 

So, back to fishing next week. I'm going to try to do Camanche North Shore a s see how walking on the rocky shore, setting up my gear is going to work. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark, I'm pulling for you.
    Get out there but take it easy.

  2. Hey Mark, I'll be rooting for you as well. I'll continue to make adjustments, hoping to find some that work for me until the next set of problems arrive. I hope you are successful. Keep me posted!

  3. Mark
    I have a feeling that the fishing will work for you---looking forward to a report.