Monday, June 25, 2018

I Wanted To Go Last Week, BUT

As life does, it got into the way of me fishing last week. My wife is still recovering from foot surgery and I'm her Uber driver (my son coined this) until she's back on her feet.

If you want to see some awesome scenery and fish, check out Bill Trussell's blog Fishing Through Life.

This week is iffy. Yes, I pulled one (actually two) of my stupid stunts I'm so famous for. Last Friday, watering the hill behind the house, I decided to pull a couple weeds that have been bothering me. The first "trip" I jammed my left leg (the one that hurts all the time). Couldn't have been the right one, noooooo. Had to be the left one. Then coming down the second time, I tripped and took a little header out into the grass. This stuff is hard on this old Geezer. So I spent the weekend limping around and taking drugs.

Maybe I'll get out later this week.


  1. Mark
    Watch for those falls for sure, I'm dealing with back pain not as bad as before---hope you can make it our this week---thanks for the shout out on Jason's trip

  2. Mark remember the term Calamity Jane....we have to remember we are not 60 anymore, but in our minds we are 30.
    Reality is such a nasty word.

  3. Seems like the older we can finish the rest Mark. Every moment of every day is a new adventure. Stick to fishing!