Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Carr Fire

Bill asked if we saw any of the Carr fire. It is burning on the other side of the freeway from where we were and South a little. We were there last weekend and I think the fire started on this past Wednesday. My son was up there on Thursday for business and said the electricity was off in the entire town so he turned around and came home.

Time 9:30 pst

7 Hours Ago

4 Hours Ago

20 minutes ago
This fire is a long way from done.

We are safely home. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Saturday 7-21-2018

OK, here it comes.

One thing I forgot to tell you about Mt. Lassen National Park, is that I used the Geezer Pass and got in FREE.

Saturday morning found us heading North on Interstate 5 toward the town of Dunsmuir, California. It's about 45 miles from Redding. On the way, I took this photo of Mt. Shasta. I might add that this too, is a volcano.

Mt. Shasta
We arrived in Dunsmuir about 11:15 and it took a few minutes to find Yak's. When we did, only to find it opened at 11:30 so we had a few minutes wait.In that few minutes, an additional 4 or 5 cars parked waiting for the diner to open.

Yak's on the 5
Here it is, the Winking Lizard Burger.

Burger, fried egg, fried onion strings, Jack Cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato with a side of fries. I'd say a good 8 inches tall. Even with my big mouth, I had to eat it in layers. I would tell you what my wife had, but I don't remember.

After stuffing ourselves we headed back down the highway to Castle Crags State Park. 

Castle Crags
After you enter the park, you drive up this road big enough for one vehicle only to the "Vista Point". By the way, they have signs that say "Yield to uphill traffic" which is the law, but apparently people can't read, can't comprehend, or are just to stupid to understand the rule. I put one guy in the ditch (on the hill side of the road) because he wouldn't back-up to the pullout about 25 feet behind him.

This is a hand drawing (and nicely done) of the area you see from the "Vista Point". 

This explains Castle Crags
Sorry, but the shadows are from surrounding trees.

Place called Gray Rocks explanation
Another of those geological wonders you find all over our country.

Gray Rocks
It wasn't a very long tour. I think we might have been in  the park a half hour at most.

Then it was time to find the local wineries.

I remembered a sign for 10 of them on Highway 44 toward Mt. Lassen Park so we headed out that way. We drove quite a ways before finally giving up and pulling out the old GPS.

Came to find out we were waaaay off. Following the GPS put us on a road called Ash Creek. There we found this:

The fence
This fence was about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide and went for miles and I mean miles. Before I give you the story, think of the labor involved in making this fence.

As the newspaper story goes, ranch hands cleared the land for cattle by stacking the stones and making the fence.

The locals have a different story. The ranch began around the 1890's and had a batch of indentured "servants". It's said that they did part of the fence. During WWII, it's said (local gossip again) that the Japanese in the local internment camps were used. Free labor, both. Who knows, only the people now gone know the truth. 

Sunday morning breakfast was sticky buns.

So, there you have it. Burgers, Sticky Buns, and two Parks.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Friday 7-20-2018 Part 2

Let's see, where did I leave off. Oh yeh, the creek.

Beyond the creek you get your first glimpse of Mt. Lassen. Note the front side is missing a bit of, well itself.

Mt. Lassen
Then further along, we came across this site. Part of the 875 stations to study the movement of the earth's crust. You can read the rest.

 The GPS equipment.

Then a little later, the back side and trail to the top Mt. Lassen.

Patrick, we didn't hike any of the trails because of the leg problems I'm having and because my wife is recovering from foot surgery. We kept the walking to a minimum.

Still snow at 8500 feet.
Oh, look snow
More snow
The next two shots are of Lake Helen.

Lake Helen
This lake has special meaning for me. I came to Mt. Lassen Park back in the early 90's. It was one of those days when it was 113 in Redding (not much difference from 111) and in the higher elevations the temp was a bit lower, say high 90's. I saw Lake Helen and my first thought was to run down and take a dip to cool off.

Lake Helen
Then I read the brochure that said the AVERAGE temperature of the lake was 64 degrees. High 90's to 64 degree water, I don't think so, but I've never forgotten.

Next stop was the sulphur works. As you know, sulphur = stinky.

I snapped a couple stills and a short (8 seconds) video. Can't understand why, when you're standing next to stinky bubbling sulphur 8 seconds seems like 8 hours.

Sulphur Pit

Sulphur Pit
Sorry, but apparently the movie doesn't want to work.
Sulphur Pit the Movie
On the other side of the road is where some of the run off occurs. Note the yellow sulphur streaks.

From there it was out of the park and by then, time for something to eat. We exited on Highway 36 in the Red Bluff (about 30 miles South of Redding) and attempted to find a decent restaurant (my wife doesn't eat fast food) for lunch. We drove around for a half hour or so and decided on Win-River Casino. Nothing like eating at the competition (My wife works for Jackson Rancheria Casino).

So tomorrow (yes one more post) will be Castle Crags State Park and Yak's on the 5 and that burger, but to whet your appetite, here's something to look at.

Sticky Buns
They are from Yak's too and they are AWESOME.

See you tomorrow. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Friday 7-20-2018

After arriving Thursday afternoon in beautiful (brown and ripe for a fire, in fact we got stalled on the freeway for an hour an a half as an RV burned [screwed up his weekend] along with grass for a couple acres) downtown Redding, California. Just for those who are unfamiliar with California, Redding is 150+ miles North of Sacramento on Interstate 5.

Oh, did I mention it was 111 degrees (yes that three 1's) when we got to the RV park. I had all I could do just to get the trailer set up in that heat. We fired up the air conditioner and called it a day. 

Friday morning had us heading out Highway 44 to Mt. Shasta National Park.

The museum at the beginning of the park gives you the whole story of the Mt. Lassen eruption on 5/22/1915. I was just a kid and don't remember it very well.

Manzanita Lake
As you walk in the museum, across the road is Manzanita Lake. Don't know if there are any fish in it, but didn't matter since I didn't bring any fishing equipment. Why? you ask. Well I had plans to fish the Sacramento River by the RV park, but being a good fisherman and checking the regulations before I left, found that the whole river was closed for some Salmon/Steelhead restoration or some such thing, so I left my gear home.

The next picture will give you some idea of what happened that fateful night at the beginning of the eruption. 

Add caption
 Elmer's story.
One of the hero'a
A volcano, still rocking and rolling 3 days later

3 days later
We continued through the park looking for Mt Lassen. If I has to guess, I think this is called Chaos Crags.

Another hill
And somewhere along the road we came to Brokeoff Volcano. Mt Lassen? Not yet. Double click on the picture and you can read the info.

Brokeoff Volcano. 
And then, without any fishing gear I came across this creek. It was right along the side of the road and easily accessible. Just out of curiosity (I had a stone to throw at the fish if I saw any, just kidding) I walked along for a bit with my camera, but didn't see fish one. 

I believe this is called Lost Creek. 
There is much more including the awesome burger.

To be continued.

You didn't think I'd give it all to you at once, did you?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Hello, It's Me

I have a post coming tomorrow about this past weekend's trip.

Just to whet your whistle, Mt. Lassen National Park and Castle Crags State Park.

Oh, and an awesome burger.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July 2018

Should be Happy 4th of July.

Should be Happy Independence Day, BUT

Image result for independence day picture
Add caption
It's slowly being taken away by those in Washington.

My question is: Why can't people see this?

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Great Loss

I've pass along this site to many, but this morning I found out..........

Boomer Radio Plays Our Songs
Gone, but not forgotten
It's gone. The last day was Saturday 6/30/2018. 

If you're a Geezer, as you all know I am, it was one of the mainstays of online music for, not only oldies, but many different music styles. I can remember listening to this station on my computer back when I had a real job and that was more than 12 years ago. 

Rest in peace Boomer Radio. You will be missed.