Monday, July 23, 2018

Friday 7-20-2018

After arriving Thursday afternoon in beautiful (brown and ripe for a fire, in fact we got stalled on the freeway for an hour an a half as an RV burned [screwed up his weekend] along with grass for a couple acres) downtown Redding, California. Just for those who are unfamiliar with California, Redding is 150+ miles North of Sacramento on Interstate 5.

Oh, did I mention it was 111 degrees (yes that three 1's) when we got to the RV park. I had all I could do just to get the trailer set up in that heat. We fired up the air conditioner and called it a day. 

Friday morning had us heading out Highway 44 to Mt. Shasta National Park.

The museum at the beginning of the park gives you the whole story of the Mt. Lassen eruption on 5/22/1915. I was just a kid and don't remember it very well.

Manzanita Lake
As you walk in the museum, across the road is Manzanita Lake. Don't know if there are any fish in it, but didn't matter since I didn't bring any fishing equipment. Why? you ask. Well I had plans to fish the Sacramento River by the RV park, but being a good fisherman and checking the regulations before I left, found that the whole river was closed for some Salmon/Steelhead restoration or some such thing, so I left my gear home.

The next picture will give you some idea of what happened that fateful night at the beginning of the eruption. 

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 Elmer's story.
One of the hero'a
A volcano, still rocking and rolling 3 days later

3 days later
We continued through the park looking for Mt Lassen. If I has to guess, I think this is called Chaos Crags.

Another hill
And somewhere along the road we came to Brokeoff Volcano. Mt Lassen? Not yet. Double click on the picture and you can read the info.

Brokeoff Volcano. 
And then, without any fishing gear I came across this creek. It was right along the side of the road and easily accessible. Just out of curiosity (I had a stone to throw at the fish if I saw any, just kidding) I walked along for a bit with my camera, but didn't see fish one. 

I believe this is called Lost Creek. 
There is much more including the awesome burger.

To be continued.

You didn't think I'd give it all to you at once, did you?


  1. Man, I was expecting a burger...
    Liked what you did with that age joke... See, I'm paying attention.

  2. Never mind the burger how about Lost Creek.
    Man would I love to explore that for awhile.

  3. Lake Manzanita does have trout in it, some good ones, but it is best access with a float tube to get out where they are. And a lot of creeks around the area offer pretty good fishing (Deer Creek is pretty well known). Heck, you should plan a return to fish Eagle Lake, great setting and awesome fish. Then there's Lake Almanor and the creeks that dump into it...

    Been to Lassen twice; it’s amazing. Did you happen to take the Bumpass Hell Trail? It’s a fun hike. I certainly wasn’t alive when Lassen blew its top, but I was when Mt. St. Helens did; that’s another great place to visit. Looking forward to more on your trip…

  4. Mark
    First off impressed with the background on the blog--Jason and I drove to Redington when he lived is Marysville. We saw some awesome streams in the area and some individuals fly fishing some of them. He didn't have any flyrods at the time so he didn't fish any. I didn't realize it was that far from Sacramento. Just wonder if there is a trout or two under some of those cut banks on that little streams. Show us more especially small streams---be careful and you all enjoy---thanks for sharing