Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Now We'll Find Out About Float Tubing

I called the RV resort at Upper Lake yesterday to see how they fared during the Mendocino Complex Fire. They are fine, open, and ready for us on Sunday.

We have 4 nights planned this year and the weather is forecast to be much better than last year when we had cold, wind, and rain for the 3 nights we were there. Actually only 2 nights. We left early.   

Our usual spot

The fishing dock

Across the lake

View out the front door
I'm taking the Float Tube Cumberland and the Inflate-A-Yak with fly rods and spinning rods. I WILL fish this coming week.

I don't suspect I'll report until we get back on Friday because I don't want to haul everything necessary to operate my laptop (OK, it's old and requires a lot of extras) and my phone isn't so smart.

The DFW hasn't stocked trout since April and May earlier this year so I guess I'll probably concentrate on warm water species. 

Stay tuned.  


  1. YES! Let the voyage of the SS Cumberland commence. Looking forward to the report.

  2. Mark I'm happy for you. I'm glad your going to fish and float.

  3. Mark
    Looking forward to your float tube report; enjoy the trip!!!

  4. I'm certainly hoping that the tubing works well for you Mark.