Thursday, August 16, 2018

OK, It's About Genealogy

You all know I've been digging into my family. Started a year ago December. Actually December 25, 2016.

I had a little bit of knowledge of my family. From what I've found, a very little bit of knowledge. Most of it wrong.

Then when I contacted my cousin in Georgia, she sent copies of what she had. The biggest piece of information was a copy of a translated letter (from German) from a Great Aunt Adina who lived in Siberia. Her living in Siberia is a whole nuther story of how she got there and why she was there since everybody was supposed to live in the Volga River Valley.

So I searched and searched for my Great Grandfather Gottlieb, his children Christof and wife Amalge, my Grandfather & Grandmother Michael & Emily and the other four.

I could never find anything on Christof (1865) & Amalge (1870). I had an approx date of birth for both, but there was just nothing out there.

Then one day, out on (you know the 23 & me site) I came across them. There was one tree that suddenly appeared with Christoph (dob 12/24/1864) and Amalie (dob 4/12/1868), their daughter Elsa (who I found earlier) down to Elsa's great grand son who controlled the tree.

I immediately contacted him. When we established contact, he said he'd send some pictures. Wow, you have no idea what you'll find when you contact a, no matter how distant, relative.

Meet Great-Uncle Christoph, Amalie, 1st Cousin 1x removed Julius (Christoph's son I could never find), Great Aunt Adina, and 1st Cousin 1x removed Edmund (Another of Christoph's sons I could never find).

There were five other pictures of this family including Adina's husband & children, Julius & his wife, Another daughter of Christoph named Hulda and her husband, Elsa mentioned above and her husband Reinhold, and soooo much more. Dates of birth, dates of death, even a picture of a funeral we believe was Chirstoph's.

Then came another set of pictures. 6 pictures of a form called EWZ50 H14. Since I don't "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" I'm assuming (I hate to use that word, but it fits here) they are the documentation for moving the family from Volhynia, Ukraine, Russia to Siberia. Again a treasure trove of information. I was able to decipher a lot from them. Like I said above, this is another story for another time.  

That's all of the genealogy for now.

A while ago I did a CAT scan. You know the results. Then on the 8th (by the way that was my 72nd birthday, Geezer that I am) I mentioned the MRI and was awaiting the results from my doctor (even though I already saw them). I finally contacted the doctors office and all I got was same old, same old. "That's it?', and the answer was "That's it."

Now I'm going to ask an Orthopedic Surgeon his opinion. This particular doctor has his own practice, is the Orthopedic Doctor for the LSU (Louisiana State University) football team and a professor at LSU. I think I should get some good information from him. If I don't, I'm going to fink to his mother who is my Sister-in-Law. OK, he's my Nephew.

Currently what I'm finding is if I don't do this, I can do that. Kind of a trial and error process. I'm hoping I might even be able to get back on the creek. We'll see.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Mark, listen to the "family" doctor.

  2. Wow, that family tree info is pretty cool. Amazing how those websites work, connecting the various degrees of family trees until they link together.

    Hope you get an actionable second opinion.

  3. Mark
    You know my biggest regret when it comes to ancestry research???----not having the good sense to talk to my parents/ grandparents about their parents and grandparents -----think of all the info we could have gathered!!! You and I need to keep researching because it will eventually pay off just as did for you here with those images.

  4. I know how you're feeling about the genealogy stuff Mark. I haven't gone that far back but I felt it was interesting to learn and it would (might) be of interest to Steve. The interesting thing for me is the number (above 1000) 3rd through 6th cousins I have. FYI when I was with the PD, I had a friend named Jim Kautz. I wonder?