Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Once Again Fire Screws Up A Good Weekend Trip

We were heading to Hope Valley Campground this weekend, but the MANY fires in Northern California has, once again stopped us from going camping.

California is like a Zucchini with the center dipped out. From the Carr Fire by Redding (still burning), The Mendocino Complex Fire (Now the largest in the history of California), The Donnell Fire (down below us), and the Ferguson Fire (By and very near Yosemite National Park), the valley air quality is extremely bad.

There aren't any fires up toward Hope Valley, but the air quality is currently 162 which is the unhealthy category. Bad for Babes and Geezers.

I've been hold up in the house with the A/C on to filter the air, but camping puts you outside, for the most part, and the campground is non-electric so no A/C and running the generator defeats the purpose and no camp fires (what the point of camping without a camp fire?). 

Our last and only second trip for the year is Upper Lake. That cool place where we have a space 15 feet from the lake edge. Our hopes are it that it will still be there the week of 8/26. The River Fire (part of the Mendocino Complex Fire) is burning in the direction of the RV park. We're not sure if the fire will even be out by the 26th. Currently Highway 20 (which runs along side of the park) is closed which means no access, period.

If we can't get there, we might try for someplace else, maybe nearer the coast where the air is better.

Stay tuned.   


  1. Mark I don't know how the people cope with such destruction. Thoughts are with you.

  2. We've had our share of fires this year, but nothing on the order of what's going on in California. Continued safety Mark.

  3. Mark
    You guys take care of yourself; looks like California is on the verge of year round fires.

  4. Up until yesterday, Sonoma County was looking fairly smoke-free. The coast is in better shape, since the fog comes in every night and kind of sweeps it out. It's still much better here than in the Central Valley/mountain areas--we drove through there last weekend and it was awful. Take care, I think your alternate plan for the coast is a good one!