Friday, September 28, 2018

The Light Is Still On, But On Hold For Now

Approached the Orthopedic Surgeon for a consult. No consult without a referral from my primary doctor even though my insurance says I don't need a referral they wouldn't even talk to me without one.

SO, back to my primary. Told him what the chiropractor said. He suggested a hip X-Ray. Gee, wonder why this wasn't done before since I've been saying my hip hurts all the way down to my foot.

Hip X-Ray said wear and tear (I am 72 after all), but not to a point of replacement. Might only need a steroid shot.

Told him I wanted a referral to the Orthopedic Surgeon for a consult anyway. Soonest I can get in is the 16th of next month.

In the mean time they stocked Upper Blue Lake this week. I've never caught less that 4 any time up there. I almost went yesterday. I was walking without the cane, but sure as hell if I went up there and walked over the uneven terrain I'd be hobbling today.

I guess just thinking about the uneven terrain was enough that I'm hobbling with the cane this morning again. Could have been the 10 x 16 retaining wall blocks I put in place yesterday. Could have been anything, who knows.

I'm on hold until the 16th and the kayak search continues. I think I've found mine, but Katherine is still looking.

Perception Hook 10.5

Stay tuned.