Sunday, September 16, 2018

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Well, the leg problem. Where to start.

The first doctor who did the spinal X-Ray, I find missed the problem. I was sent to physical therapy who said he could hurt me for 6 sessions, but it really wouldn't fix the problem. I think not. 

My regular doctor who had me do the MRI, missed the problem. When  I asked for the results of the MRI, the response was that it showed the same as the X-Ray. "That's it" I asked, "That's it" was the response. 

So we tried the float tube. You know the last post. That didn't work very well. It took almost three weeks until I felt confident enough to put the cane away.

Enter the chiropractor earlier this week. No, I'm not sitting around, I'm doing. Push, hurt, pull, hurt, bend, hurt, results............... Not my back, but probably a hip replacement. Makes sense, kneel down and pressure on the hip. Walk on uneven ground and pressure on the hip. Duh!

Did I mention both the doctors missed this even though I said left side hip to foot?

Prognosis, possible hip replacement although getting my current doctor on board (he knows everything) might be a small problem, BUT let it be known I'm driving this bus although I need his referral to get to the Orthopedic Surgeon (my nephew the Orthopedic Surgeon never called by the way). 

Time to fishing the rivers again, about 6 weeks after surgery. This confirmed by the chiropractor and Frank at California Fly Fishing who just had this done and is back on the water. Talked to him earlier this week. Once I talk to the Orthopedic Surgeon I'll pass along that info. We'll see, stay tuned.

OK, second light at the end of the tunnel. You all remember the Yuki kayak incident Since that time my wife has been death on kayaks. She finally relented when we got the inflate-a-yak a couple years ago. Three problems with the inflate-a-yak.

One, doesn't do two people very well (Sea-Eagle 12' two people kayak).

Two, seems to get holes pretty easily. We had one at Upper Lake this year and even though I patched it, it still leaked as does the blow up seats. Paddle around, float by, pump, pump, pump, and on her way. A little later, same thing. 

Three, it is NOT aerodynamic by any means. We got a couple hours on Upper Lake one morning and that was it for 5 days at the lake.

Now it's yesterday morning at Lake Camanche and we've rented two "hard shell" kayaks to try. About the same wind as Upper Lake and the kayaks whizzed right around the lake.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner............

Now we just have to find the right kayak. The ones at Camanche had clip on seats. Very uncomfortable. So the search begins.

Stay tuned.     


  1. Mark, "medical guessers"?
    I hope they can get it together and make life some what better for you.

  2. And I do believe in that saying "light at the end of the tunnel"

  3. from what i know of folks that had a Operation of sorts to a hip , knees and a shoulder. at an age over 65 Pains was worse than before and also your body will not heal up as quick as if you where 40 or 50. of all those that O know of which is like 5 . they all suffered great pain and 1 is still alive . the pain Killed the rest . Whatever you do .Think hard OK consider your age and that you have doctors that missed it twice!!!! and Obama care if you have it!!!!.. I care that's why i`m telling you what I know !

  4. Wow, that's great news, at least a great as hip replacement surgery might be. I really hope it gives you the relief and mobility you're looking for. I'm sure it will.

    As for the kayak, sounds like you both need one of those sit on tops with the big, comfy lawn chair seat. They're great. Treat yourself.

  5. Mark
    Hope you get better by the Spring fishing season; I know back last year when I was having my back problem, the chiropractor and therapist didn't do me any good. In fact they created more pain for me than helped me. I hope you find someone soon that will relieve some of the pain for you.

  6. Well, at least we are heading towards winter and you can have a good rest for the back. I am in need of some slow down time too. It is what it is. Good luck!