Saturday, October 13, 2018

Success On Many Fronts

Today we had the maiden voyages of the His & Hers kayaks.

Since we are running out of warm weather, we thought today being about 85 degrees would probably be our last chance to have my wife try hers out before it started getting chilly.

A couple things to note about our "sit-on" kayaks. One they are 10' long and 31" wide. I mention this because if you'll recall the "Yuki" incident so many years ago, the kayak he was in was only 28" wide. These are much more stable and my wife felt safer in a wider one. One would ask how a mere couple inches would make a difference, but it definitely makes a much more stable kayak.

Second and more of a problem is that "sit-on" kayaks have scupper holes. If you're not familiar, they are designed to let water drain while you're out paddling around. The ones we rented a while back had scupper holes and the water came in as fast as it drained. Your butt end gets exceedingly wet as the water sloshes in and out. Ergo (I love that word) I purchased, via Amazon Prime, scupper plugs. They work like a dream AND if you get a little water in the bottom, pull up a plug, let it drain, plug it back up. With the exception  of water shoes getting wet while getting in and out we were completely dry.

We launched at the Day Use Area of North Shore Camanche. There are about a dozen places with sandy beaches and we could just pull up to the side of the lake and slip the kayaks out of the truck. Plus if we weren't exactly full of finesse, no one would see us.

We paddled out as far as the island, and I'm guessing maybe somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 mile. From there my truck looked like a Hot Wheels truck. Paddled around a while, checked if a couple guys fishing caught anything (no) and paddled back, then around and back and forth just getting the feel of the kayaks.

After an hour and a half, with sore shoulders and a couple blisters on my hands we called it a day.

Note to self: get some paddling gloves. 

My wife is now a believer.

It is the perfect way to get out on the lake with my hip problem and didn't create any after effects.

Orthopedic Surgeon appointment Tuesday. Maybe he can find out what's wrong with my hip and leg.

I will be fishing again shortly.

Stay tuned. 


  1. Very nice. Really happy to see the maiden voyage was a good one. Gloves are certainly an option if you're blistering, they also make some neoprene wraps for your paddles should you not go the glove route. I use a set of these:

  2. Mark
    Jason has a kayak he fishes out of and wouldn't fish any other way when it comes to getting you from point A to B on the water. Yes the gloves are a must, glad you'll had a successful outing.

  3. Mark it's great you and the Mrs. were able to enjoy a some quiet time on the new kayaks. Hope your Dr. appointment go's well.

  4. Nice! Nothing like combining fishing with exercise...